Underwater Sto. Niño in Bien Unido, Bohol

Dynamite and other harmful ways of fishing destroy the marine life. Because of greed, people of the next generation suffer. Because of ignorance, people are misled to destroy their own selves.

Mayor Niño Rey Boniel of Bien Unido did something drastic, did something extra-ordinary. As he exhausted all possible means of preventing the fishermen from doing illegal fishing but to no avail, he thought of something brilliant. Since the people in the locality are God-fearing, why not put statues of the Virgin Mary and Sto. Niño underwater?

Indeed, it paid off. The next day the statue of Sto. Niño was installed, fishermen were reportedly scared as they dove in the water and saw what to them was an apparition. They swore never to come back and repent their sins.

“This measure we’ve implemented was scrutinized by the local church, but we’re very happy that it was effective, it drove off the bad fishermen away,” said Mayor Boniel in Cebuano Visaya.

I was privileged to be one of the few people who were invited to see the place. Its exact location can’t be determined just by going out to the sea; you need a local guide who knows the coordinates. Once you reach the place, you will only see a small buoy that serves as a marker.

The depth of the waters in the area is from 25 – 28 feet or approximately 8-9 meters. The statue is about 14 feet in height – it looks like a sentinel in the water, guarding the precious rich marine life from wanton destruction.

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  1. tina says:

    sana maging effective talaga toh! :D

    Nice! :D

  2. Ed says:

    dugay nako wala kaligo ug dagat. atot.

    Dwin, tagged you in My 7 Links project.

  3. A 14 feet statue underwater! Hanep naman yan!

    Malamang maging tourist attraction din yan in the future

  4. Traveller says:

    Let’s hope the fishermen there will keep on being a God fearing people so they won’t do any damage on the statue or else everything will be lost.

  5. astig, interesting!!!

  6. fetus says:

    @kikit: mas maganda yata yung virgin mary. :)
    @tina: effective daw sabi ni mayor.
    @ed: murag ako nang i backlog ng tag. lol.
    @christian: hopefully! pero hopefully hindi rin, kasi ayokong maging popular yung lugar na yun hehehe selfish.
    @traveller: i don’t think they would.
    @ca: :D

  7. i guess ya gotta do what you got to do! Bravo mayor Boniel!

  8. kristine c. says:

    I was in Bohol last week! I am in love with this province! We went snorkeling in Balicasag island. hehe. ooops. off topic.

    Anyhow, hopefully next time, we’d get to see this too.

  9. fetus says:

    nindot ang balicasag marj sa? XD nangadto pod mi last january. ayus!

  10. was in bohol a few weeks ago, nakalimutan ko puntahan to :(

  11. WOAH! Bai we have to dive na!! :))

  12. lakbay says:

    mao jud! dive na jud ta lagi! :D

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