Are You Hungry? Dolphinately….

ozamis dolphins

dolphin in dolphin island, ozamis

dolphin in dolphin island, ozamis

dolphin in dolphin island, ozamis

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  1. Simple and cool yet it conveys a lot of ideas.

  2. WANDER SHUGAH says:

    ahh this is such a beautiful reminder to us humans.. i love dolhpins! My heart melts everytime I look at them <3

  3. Randy says:

    Nice one Dwin!

  4. lakbay says:

    @thepinoyexplorer: honga! :) i enjoyed every minute of it!
    @bonzenti: thanks!
    @wandershugah: naka adto na jud ko! after nimo! :P
    @randy: thanks!

  5. hana banana says:


  6. patrick says:

    Wow! This is amazing! Where is this place? I’m guessing this is in Bohol?

  7. @hana banana: thanks for dropping by!
    @patrick: it’s in ozamis. :P

  8. hahaha. nalingaw ko ani dah! ;-)

  9. lakbay says:

    nalingaw pod ko’s mga dolphins doi! hahahahaha…

  10. Brenna says:

    ooh, i wanna do this din!

  11. Glentot says:

    Ang kyooot. Sana maexperience ko rin yan. Bilib ako sa talino ng dolphins minsan mas matalino pa sa tao LOL

  12. Diva says:

    yep, sa MOAP. :D

  13. Talagang close encounter pala talaga! Next time I’m gonna stay there na talaga :)

  14. emwing says:

    matay asa ni fets??!??!

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