The Legend of Biringan City

UPDATE: We have a commenter nicknamed Toanaks claiming to come from Biringan city or what they call,  “Mahaniha” (googled it and came up with Arabic texts). Toanaks provides more insight what their city is all about, as well as their culture. It is up to the reader to decide, but Toanaks gave us a good message: Gaea is at her weakest, we must preserve our mother earth. Check out Toanaks’ comments below.


At the onset of our Samar travel together with Epic Potato and Wandering Dylan, our main aim was to get to the mysterious Biringan City.

We scoured the web for any information about this place, but we got a few information and mostly were hearsay.

Some people in Samar haven’t heard of Biringan city. We noticed that it’s the middle-aged or the elderly who knows about the place and warn us not to go there.

Here’s why.

The katiguwangans (elderly) near the place say that Biringan city is inhabited with people of the early times. Specifically, the first people. They have long been dead, but for some reason, they are still present in this place. They are responsible for disappearances and other unexplained phenomena that surround this island.

Some Stories Told To Us

Sometimes, at night, they would see the entire island lit up, as if it was an advanced city, thus its moniker Biringan city.

A doctor from Gandara went to the place and told his companions that he noticed a huge castle on the island. However, his friends didn’t see it. On the way home, the doctor just turned pale and died for no apparent reason.

People have disappeared from that place on excursions without a trace. They have been searched  on this tiny island, but no bodies were found. Nobody lives here as everybody is afraid; if somebody does, old people would warn and prevent that person to do so.

A car company had a shipment of a thousand cars and arrived in Samar. They were looking for Biringan city as it was in the manifesto, but nobody knew where it is. The katiguwangans then directed the delivery man to an island off Pagsanghan, where they believe is where the fictitious city exists. Nobody knew what happened to the cars next.

Their Warnings

A person who doesn’t have a philtrum (the medial cleft between your upper lip and nose) is said to be a resident of Biringan city. If you meet such person either in Gandara, Pagsanghan, or on the way to the island, never go with him or her. You would disappear without a trace.

The place is just full of mangroves and vegetation. If you see something grandiose like a castle, never acknowledge that you’ve seen it. Don’t say anything to anybody otherwise the Biringan residents will get you and you will die.


Fate had it that we don’t die just yet. It was five in the afternoon when we arrived in Gandara from caving in Matuguinao and there were no more pumpboats we can hire to get there.

It was a disappointment so we just contented ourselves with the stories they told us.

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  1. Toinks. I first heard of the story kina Byron a few weeks ago. Medy nacaca-curious nga kasi may mga sulat at packages daw na supposedly for Biringan pero hindi naman siya nage-exist (or hindi talaga nakikita ng mga normal repapips).

    Ok lang pumunta siguro sa Biringan basta may wifi sila =))

  2. Nakakatakot naman yan… di man kayo nakarating dun, at least you heard stories from the elders…

  3. Penfires says:

    I love scary stories and this one is real interesting =) If there is a hunt for Biringan City, ganahan ko mo-apil hehehe kaso wait, think twice sa, basin di na dyud kabalik hehehe

  4. lakbay says:

    @micamyx: advanced daw sila, baka wifi is old tech na dun hahahaha…
    @mervz: nakakatakot ngunit gusto mo paring puntahan! ehehe
    @cille: it is really interesting!

  5. Earl says:

    pnag-halloween man ni na post bai.kuyawan pud ta. : )

  6. villahermosa says:

    totoo po may mga kwento tlga bout biringan, pag dumaan ka sa nasabing lugar, puro puno lang makikita mo, but pag gabi daw nag mumukhang city ito, super daming ilan, mga buildings etc. di ko pa na experience,, but meron na nakaexperience,, at pag sumakay ka daw ng bangka papunta sa kabilag barangay, parang nililito ka nila.. thats true..

  7. lakbay says:

    @earl: lagi… suwayan jud nko next time makabalik ko didto
    @villahermosa: hwow…

  8. Actually Totoo yan……..Ang D maniwala cguro hndi taga SAMAR….Hndi Maganda Pumunta dun

  9. Crazymhe says:

    I grew up hearing stories about Biringan. I am from Gandara Samar and stories about that place have been passed on from my mom to my older cousins to me. We used to go to Lungib, brgy near that woods where they said biringan is located, the elders would normally tell me not to be too loud pagdumadaan kami dun..

  10. lakbay says:

    wow thanks for the share guys! i appreciate it!

  11. Maniniyot says:

    Pati pala sa mga travel bloggers hindi nakatakas ang Biringan City. Maraming stories about that city. Hmmm. The story of the silver star bus na pinakyaw ng group of people from manila tapos going to Biringan daw sila. Biglang nawala yung mga tao tapos kinaumagahan nakita yung bus sa gitna ng isang bundok without traces ng kanyang dinaanan. I heard about those ordered cars too. Kia Motors yun addressed to someone from Biringan. Another is Jose Rizal na hanggang ngayon daw ay buhay pa at nasa Biringan daw siya.

  12. Diva says:

    tumatayo balahibo ko jan ah! gabi pa naman! waaaaahhhh….

  13. Toanaks says:

    i am from Biringan and half of your story was fabricated by playful imagination. Like you we eat, sleep, and die as well. The only difference between you and us we live longer than your life expectancy. It is not true that we abduct people and left them dead allegedly replacing their bodies with some dead log. There is only one supreme being who claims what is in us, mortals like you call her Gaea but for us simply Mukto which means mother. We speak a different language but similar to the native tongue of the place we reside.

    Often times people will ask why they can’t see Biringan, it does exist but spells are being chanted for us to remain hidden from the prying eyes of those who wanted to exploit our land. Now the manifestation of our place in it’s physical form is what we call Kalinata or changing of the guardians of our portals. In this brief moment of time we praise and sing in the name of Mukto that’s why most of the time often overhears chants.

    We invite mortals from your dimension not necessary pure of heart like those fairy tales but people whom we think can help us in some ways and return we reward them with prosper life, but before we return them we say a chant that would have clear their recollection of the place. Hours in our place could mean days in your time…

    We appreciate being a folklore in your world and same as you we are very curious how advance your beings are. In our place we don’t reject technology but it is being highly discouraged. We don’t use your so called electricity for we are given by Mukto the greatest energy of all, the air around us and the sun as called in your world. Electricity is free only if it was not privatized by selected fews.

    This is against our rules to contact people in this way but I hold a good position in my Amaam’s (father) land that’s why I can pretty much get away with everything.

    Be very aware of your nature she is in her weakest, death and destruction were whispered to us by Mukto. I can only weep and can’t do anything… Our so called knowledge in magic is only as good as the oxygen you breathe in your world. our clan prays for all of you for it is inevitable the fate of your world have been long decided by you when you have raped and abused your mother. I hope you will all be saved and changing your ways now is too late.

    Good day! Thanks for keeping us alive in simple ways like this!

  14. grasya says:

    wow… close na kayo? ^

    “I hope you will all be saved and changing your ways now is too late.”

    in fairness, she/he has good intentions.. galing mo dude! even inhabitants from another dimension are posting on your wall ^_^

  15. ginocanoy says:

    nag duha2x ko kung motoo ko or dili sa ning comment above from “Biringan City” pero nanglimbawt man sad akong balhibo pag basa… kuyawa sad anih oie naa sad diay internet ngadto kay nakacomment man gyud si “Toanaks”… creepy gyud…

  16. Toanaks says:

    Never fear us we are not murderers contrary to all those myths circulating in your world. Then maybe you are wondering how I can use this technology in Biringan? Well unfortunately I am not replying to you from our land.

    Some Biringans like me have the privilege to cross in your world and some of our clans even study in your schools for us to learn more about you. We co-exist in this so-called universe one way or another.

    Long before anything about technology, we already are in contact with some of the people in your world, teaching them of the right ways and how to achieve a nirvana like society. Unfortunately the nature of some humans get in the way, “Greed”. We have given them portion of our land but what have they done? Quarried for minerals, chopped down the trees and so on all for money. We so much desire to live with humans but this incident made us aware that you all are not yet ready to embrace our ways.

    We don’t have the principle of money here and we even don’t understand why it should be invented in the first place. Everything is made for us and given to us for free and it is right to pay it forward to our co brothers/sisters.

    Pray to your so-called God’s ask forgiveness from Mukto or mother nature for she is in grief and in her weakness. Changing your ways definitely is too late but you can all delay and buy yourself some more time if you could only understand how to love and see the miracles of what Gaea has provided you. I am just one voice and better yet have no power to persuade you on how to stop raping mother nature.

    Some people will laugh or even judge me but I am here to somehow help you to prevent tears of yours from falling when she gives up fighting for all of you. I wish we can do wonders but we simply can’t, for there are a lot of things going on behind the curtain.

    And to all readers of this site, please wake up from your wrong doings, love your brothers/sisters and your family while you can. Cherish every second and every breath you breathe for the time is near. Hold you children closer than before make them feel that they are loved, honor and respect your parents give them the love that they deserve. I don’t know how much longer I can in contact with you before some of my clan will find this and be given a sanction for doing such.

    I wish I can all tell you everything we know but that will only bring panic to all of you. But never stop to HOPE for this will always be that one word that can make a difference for all of you!!!

    Good day everyone!

  17. Wow. (That’s all I can say!)

  18. Diva says:

    @toanaks: what’s the meaning of your name?
    @christian: sobra pa’s creepy hahaha
    @grasya: o nga, good intention and message naman, and world peace!
    @ginocanoy: naa silay internet brad, Smartbro gani gamit :P
    @elal: na shock-ed jud ko first nakong basa ani hahaha
    @aleah: pati taga ibang dimension na intriga sa Lakbay Diva! bwahahaha

  19. Toanaks says:

    Toanaks means bron in silence

  20. Toanaks says:

    I just came out to prove to you that we exist and believing in it makes us as real as the sun rises from the east every morning…

  21. ginocanoy says:

    @Toanaks… why are you disclosing such things about your world? I am just wondering if you tend to make everything about your world discrete and hidden as the other clan members are doing… That would really make everyone curious and find ways to get in to your world… interesting information from yours but unbelievable in other sense… :) awareness? daghan na nuon taw ma intriga just like me… hahaha.. :) makasabot diay kag bisaya? di ba waray2x man mo?

  22. Toanaks says:

    i haven’t disclosed anything about our world but only our culture… i have come out since it has already be known and being talked about and most of the time they get it wrong. I wouldn’t describe how our looks like now that would draw some attention. They will try to find it but they will fail for there are only times that we let our guards down and most of the time it is never an exact day or date in your world for our sense of time is very very different from yours. I am not from Samar nor from Visayas I am from Mahaniha or what you call “Biringan City”. But don’t get me wrong we have high regards to all the people where our portals are located. We love people that surrounds us. We always try to protect them in our little ways whenever we can.

    But our world is not a dream world or paradise we encounter some problems as you humans do but the difference is we are one in resolving conflicts.

    All I can say is that we are all made up of the same structure, sure we can wear or change our looks when we cross in your world but we only wear one mask throughout it’s not that we change as we please and it is only a spell to enchant you to see us like an ordinary people.

  23. ginocanoy says:

    Culture is part of your world… FYI…. multilingual diay mo Toanaks… again the information that you relayed are quite interesting however it remains a theory/legend as it hasn’t been proven yet to someone from us mortals (hearsay ra mi kutob anih…) this is a healthy conversation, isn’t it? just a quick question, do you have mortals friends? naa kay FB account? :)

  24. i believe. i believe Toanaks. crazy me, but that is how it is. googling biringan city now.

  25. Toanaks says:

    @ginocanoy I know where you are driving at… though our culture is part of our world indeed it is true but i haven’t dive into describing the physical form which most humans would find more useful to them than a some old culture that they wouldn’t get anything out of it. Well it’s upto to you I am not here to change what you believe in and understand about us. I am merely in contact with you because most of the so-called facts about us where found to be false most of the time.

    I have mortal friends but I make it sure to put boundaries on any information they have to know about me. Their knowledge of me is limited to this world but the friendship is beyond comprehension. We are loyal friends but there are some things that need to be kept in the closet for their own good as well.

    FB is no use for me, I had friendster once but my idiotic ways lead to series of unfortunate events to me so I rather be behind the shadows, and they know of me as some poor guy from a province so it is only proper for me deny such social networking.

    Like what I said I am not here to impose and persuade what you should and shouldn’t believe in…

    We are given the pass to cross to your world but in human time we are only privilege to stay for 35 something years cause we grow old very very slow and that would bring curiousity to most of my friends, how I stayed young looking while they worry about lines on their faces; and will be allowed to be back again in the proper time. I have been around longer than you think I have seen how this country changed its ways.

    Name to us is very sacred it is not like we can use pseudo names cause we simply can’t and for some reason this is a mockery to my family to do so and a Law which shouldn’t be broken.

    WE respect every aspect of our law beyond our lives I guess that’s why we continue to be of existence, living in harmony and one with Mukto…

    Faith is the substance of what we hope for and evidence of things not seen once Plato said… I have not here to convert you or anyone to be a believer.

    Have a good day!

  26. Toanaks says:

    @journeying pinay believing in something is not to be labelled of crazy. the problem with human is that you understand that you have greater power than you think only if you understand how to discard your perception about reality. Those who unlocked the secrets most of time go into hiding for the fear of being labelled as a freak or a threat to humanity.

    There are humans who lived amongst us in our world and it is totally of their free will to cross over but they can never return in human form for like what I said our sense of time differs from you, so once they cross over as their form the Law of nature and aging will take it’s toll on them within a blink of an eye.

  27. @Toanaks thank you for your comment. well, some might think am crazy believing in every single word you say. but in my heart, i dont feel am crazy. the “crazy” word for me is something “unbelievable” for others but it is really an extreme belief of certainty in my mind. you write well. you write with conviction. what a wonderful world you belong to. being enveloped in your strangeness is much more exciting than my another “crazy” foresight of being kidnapped by some men here in mindanao. being immersed in your enchanting culture would fulfill the emptiness and wonder circulating in my being. i hope to cross your path.

  28. I’ve heard of a similar story about a ‘glowing modern city at night’ during my visit to Odlot, Bogo. Odlot is a barangay and in the barangay is a small spot or sitio by the seas called Danaoan/Danawan. According to a fisherman I talked at a beach in Odlot, the area has been—multiple times—mistaken by seafarers as a city. All the witnesses claimed to see a well-lit port by a beautiful urbanized city—which was surprising to the residents since their area was very secluded and very rural. These incidents according to the fisherman happened around the ‘70s or ‘80s. The city, the witnesses claimed to see, was very urbanized and very modern for that time. Take note that at that time there were only five cities on the province of Cebu and until now, Odlot—still looks very rural to me.

  29. Toanaks says:

    @journeying pinay you make me laugh with your wild dreams. Courage is knowledge and I applaud you for having one. But still as it is and as what we always say be careful what you wish for, about those men from Mindanao that is.

    The emptiness and wonder you seek? the answer has always been with you all the time. Just mere believing on something or on us make us real as the wind rushing through your hair, we or you may not be able to see it but the feeling that embraces you as it whisper in your ears makes it alive.

    Same as faith and to accept what is real and what is not will always be subjective to the person and his/her belief. It may not be universal truth to all but if your heart feels and believe in it then I would say it does exist!

  30. Anonymous says:

    @Toanaks What kind of food do you eat ? do you have abilities/power ? Curiosity strikes me again.

  31. Toanaks says:


    we do eat foods as well but we say our prayers to be thankful to Mukto who gives us everything. Like in here there are animals sacred to us and fruits as well that is forbidden to be eaten without any celebration. But whatever we eat and those who bears seeds we plant them right away, for anilas we take their alumingin or heart as counterpart in your land… Cause we believe that it is where the soul is residing and elders give it a ceremony honoring them for giving us abundance. When we take life we make sure we replace them with life… that’s how it is in our world.

    Power like what I said is only as good as oxygen you breathe in your world. When we are here we only bring spells to live through the day. We are not in tune with you nature so our abilities are only good in where we live. But we have some things that we can do here that no ordinary man can do… Like we can live here without eating in days nor drinking your water. For example we can be as we wish as long as our parallel world coincide in that place by the use of “portals”.

    But our spells are good as magic if you can define it as power but we would love to term as ability rather than power.

  32. Toanaks says:

    you can term us as Talismans

  33. pagalpuk says:

    by stephen king.. nice ka!

  34. Toanaks says:

    @pagalpuk like what I said i am not here to convert you to be a believer. But out of curiosity can you point me which story of Stephen King are we talking about? didn’t mean to be rude. That will be interesting to me. Thanks

  35. Toanaks says:

    I read almost all of his books known to me but i think i missed out one book…

  36. hhvbvvnmb vvhgvh says:

    @toanaks, possible ba makita imu IP address? Smartbro lge ka? btw, grabe jud diay mu kataas kinabuhi kay ang pila ka hours sa inyu, day naman sa amu. tinuod ba sad nga naa si jose rizal dha?

  37. Anonymous says:

    @Toanaks Do you have pictures in your world ? can you show us ?

  38. tutubi says:

    any waypoints/coordinates to enter for my GPS?
    it will take away the thrill pf getting lost though :)

  39. ginocanoy says:

    @toanaks… curiosity strikes me again… thank you for replying… if given a chance i would be very glad to visit your world and immerse myself with you folks (i once wished to immerse myself with the NPA’s kay nindot kaayu guru ang feeling magbuto2x og armalayt og shutgun sa bukid unya hupo2x sa kakahoyan pero gi baharan ko nga tingay mapatay rakos mga sundalo nig engkwentro :) ). However, im afraid that it is impossible then since as you mentioned on your previous post nga if one is willing then ok ra ka magdala og taw anha sa inyong isla but once mo balik na diri sa real world makalimot ra sad through a spell… unya unsaon man na nako pag testify nga naa gyud, makuha ra nga osa ra to ka damgo, again you are not oblige to make me or us believe, i understand that. reading all your posts seems like you are a genius one, aren’t you (tag question na sad)… hands down ko kay maayu kaau kag ininglis unya makasabot pa gyud kag bisag unsa nga dialect… im sure naa ka sa Cebu ron. Another quick question, mag-ulian ka everyday toanaks? or every restday lang? naa sad kay guardian like magbantay nimo? prinsipe kas sa inyoha isla or naa kay katungdanan ngadto like politiko? my bad, i mean quick questions kay daghan2x man nih… TIA… :)

  40. hhvbvvnmb vvhgvh says:

    ang ip address ni toanaks smartbro.. nangutana to si lakbay diva kinsa daw kebaw mu trace

  41. born_to_be_wild says:

    HAHAHA.. Senseless… mura mantag wala maka skwela ani.. Believing such urban legends.. Toanaks is such a good and brilliant writer.. Bati lang kay iyang gigamit ug pang pangilad sa mga tawo,believing unto him that he’s from the other side. Pity to those innocent mind nga dali ra madala…

  42. ginocanoy says:

    @born_to_be_wild…. just remember the saying that goes… “if you cannot beat them, join them” :D happy reading!

  43. born_to_be_wild says:

    @ginocanoy: No sense to beat them, if they’re real as Toanaks is claiming, im sure they are our allies. So good to be true…

  44. ginocanoy says:

    @born_to_be_wild: i am not saying “to beat them” literally like fight against them and go for the gold… (hehehehe)… information that he relayed unto us are can be found over the net… google is our friend… i cannot measure how big his knowledge is by just using a ruler but im sure it is the result of his creative imagination and genius mind… if his intention is to deceive people and manipulate people’s thinking then let’s keep the ball rolling… (shalan man ni oie… hurot akong iniglis…)

  45. Toanaks says:

    hhvbvvnmb vvhgvh – that is funny but Rizal was never here and will never be he has long been emancipated from his earthly figure. IP Address of course I do cause like what I said before I am not in our world as of yet, and we have different frequencies so I believe it would not work never tried though.

    @anonymous- we have different light frequencies and cameras from here records photons. I tried once but it comes out overexposed. The level of quantum efficiency is great that sensor from your camera can’t handled how those photons bombards it and there isn’t enough time for those photons to be converted to electrons to record photos. So as the the standard ISO being used in your camera can’t cope up with those particles to compensate the amount of light even the aperture is at f/32.

    tutubi- i can give you our coordinates but what good will it do? like what you said it will only ruin the excitement.

    born to be wild- why would you pity someone who hopes for a better life? In that brief moment as they read my comment their is a spark of hope in them that somewhere there is a better place other than the world that you are used to. It may be superficial and the possibility of being there is like finding a needle in a hay stack, still they are glad that somewhere exist world such us ours. Besides I never asked them to offer a human being in honor of anyone or some gods. If the Wright brother believe in majority that man can’t fly then you wouldn’t have planes to fly on. Isn’t it?

  46. Toanaks says:

    @ginocanoy- you make me laugh! I met Kumander Dante once. I am no prince for we honor no ranks but we respect everyone with high regards. There is one so-called leader and fortunately he is my Father. I stay here I love the feel of being to be away from repetitive things that goes on in our world we all need break sometimes. I need not someone to look after me but I know my father is sending some of our brothers here to check on me once in awhile for we can sense them wherever they are but not as strong when we our in our place. I hope what you wish for is that easy you crossing over.

  47. Toanaks says:

    The Pinoy Explorer- does it have to prove something? Languages or dialects came from somewhere to be of existence. There was a time when your world spoke of one language and that is sound and gestures. Until you where given the gift to put those sounds into words. Tell me does Maglibog in a native dialect would be the same if we convert it to tagalog? now there is your answer. You have to do better than what you are presenting here. Again, I mean no disrespect.

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