Top Five Recommended Beaches in Cebu

I am a beach bum, that I cannot ever deny. I’d rather spend more time in the beach than in my room. Or in school. Or at work.

So when I speak about the beach, I mean the beach itself – its sand, waters, and underwater life. I don’t consider much the accommodation of the place.

Cebu has lots of fine beaches. From up north down to south, there are hundreds of beach fronts you would find. I do not like the beaches in Mactan island though as the sand is artificial. Its underwater life is great though and if you like diving, it’s a great place to head to. And if you’re a killer for top of the line resorts, a lot of them can be found on this island. It’s kind of pricey so it’s not my kind of my place.

So here’s the list in geographical order from north to south:


malapascua-005the inviting beach of Malapascua

Malapascua for me has everything. It has a great seashore. Very inviting for sunburn. I’d love to practically just lie down on the sand for hours. When we went there, I swam, played skimboarding, and just lounged around.

It has great underwater marine life too. If you’re a SCUBA diver, don’t miss out looking for thresher sharks. They are magnificent creatures of the sea.

Malapascua beach

Seafood is abundant there. They have spots where they gather edible, large crustaceans like shrimps and crabs. You’d never regret eating seafood here as it’s fresh.

It’s better to stay here for at least two days to enjoy Malapascua. (To know more, click me.)


bantayan beachBantayan beach is so great I cry my eyes out

I’ve been here countless of times. I made solo trips during Lenten season with just a backpack and guts to sleep and hang out anywhere. The sand is so fine that a resort was named Sugar beach. The shallow aquamarine water beckons whoever is gazing it. There was one time I tried floating around and fell asleep enjoying the calmness of the sea.

bantayan beach

How to get to bantayan from Cebu? Just click me. :)


santiago beach resort camotesa wide area of shallow sand, as if you were in a big swimming pool

There are several resorts here in Camotes, but I prefer Santiago Bay Resort. Well that’s because it’s beside this wide shore where you could skim wherever you like during low tide, and swim however far without fear of drowning during high tide. When we were here, we started early in the morning, about six a.m., and then got off almost noon. Got really painful sunburns afterwards.

Camotes beach


corals await youSituated along Tañon strait, its underwater beauty is breath-holding worthy

Moalboal is closest to my heart. It’s the top on my list. Why? Because the Basdaku beach and the underwater life rivals each other.

Sometimes, waves are ride-able for skimboarding which is awesome. One could snorkel, dive, beach bum, and skim here! It’s my kind of paradise!



whale shark in oslobdocile creatures of the sea yet frightening

It’s not only the tukï in Oslob you’ll find, but they got white sand beaches too. But primarily, we go here to watch the whale sharks. I’d go someplace else if I want to hit the beach.

Here’s a recount of the tukî experience. Click me.


What’s your top five beaches here in Cebu? Share here!

Photo credits: Lauren of and Edcel of

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  1. Drew says:

    I miss Cebu! Bantayan is my favourite on this list. That beach is definitely not like any other beaches that I’ve been to. To me it’s like a huge kiddie pool that goes on and on and on. Perfect for chilling. If I can add a 6th beach on list I’ll add Boljoon :D

  2. Finally, I have found something to refer to when I do my Cebu expedition in the future. Lovely photos! Impressive shots.

  3. Marky says:

    Malapascua is my top choice, for another reason also. I’ve been to the others (except Camotes) and I can say they really belong to anybody’s top beaches in the Philippines.

  4. Hindi ko pa napupuntahan beaches ng Malapascua, Camotes and Oslob! Kelangan ko pa rin bumalik! :D

  5. chin says:

    Gusto ko din mapuntahan ang Oslob at Camotes . I have more reasons to come back =)

  6. lakbay says:

    @drew: i knew you would say that! hahahaha
    @docwends: thanks a lot!
    @marky: yep!
    @micamyx: all the more reason for you to come back here! :P
    @chino: cge! i tour ko kayo dito wahahahaha

  7. Malapascua, malapascua, malapascua. Gaaaaaaah. My brother is there right now and I’m here in the office typing this T___T someday, someday.

    Great underwater shots btw, are you using an underwater casing or sleeve?

  8. lakbay says:

    thanks bay! i used a now defunct olympus mu tough 3000. i loved that cam except that its battery runs out very fast.

  9. Chyrel Gomez says:

    Nindota sa imong photos oi. Nindot kaayo ituslob’s dagat as of this writing. I’m from Moalboal or shall I say my Lola is and we use to go home weekly when I was younger then came adulthood and BPO. Mas nindot gyud ang Basdako before and Camotes will always be my favorite among the list. =)

  10. titus says:

    1 out of 5… not so good for a guy who’s been staying in Cebu for 2 years already…. Need to go out and hit the beach!!!

  11. lakbay says:

    @chyrel: thanks!
    @titus: go go go!

  12. I really love the beaches in Cebu! I hope I’d be able to come back here next month and enjoy the beach and the sunshine. thanks for the great list.:)

  13. jaene says:

    I am originally from Cebu.Growing up in Sangat was the greatest time of my life. I think one of my fav. beaches in Cebu is the old time well known beach is “Moalboal” and “Oslob” which is not far where I live. I would love to recommend this dream beaches in Cebu PI to everyone that has a desire to visit there. I wish everybody having
    fun and a great time enjoy the breeze.

  14. dhodes says:

    . . .cebu’s best. . .

  15. lakbay says:

    @cebu beach resorts: you’re welcome!
    @jaene: thanks for the comment!
    @dhodes: thanks for the visit! :P

  16. definitely the top 5! and i’d add San Remegio to the list and also maybe Kawit in Medellin. Has anyone heard of Kaubyan Island? It used to be so beautiful and serene but I heard the island isn’t properly taken care of by its inhabitants…

  17. lakbay says:

    wa pa jud ko kaligo sa san rem. tabuelan ra. hopefully maka adto ra ko one of these days.

  18. saito25 says:

    WEw cebu is the best place you can enjoy summer

  19. Anny says:

    Wow na miss ko bigla ang Malapascua! Great post diva!

  20. Diva says:

    @anny: thanks!

  21. Jomar Lipon says:

    Ka.nice ug mga collection sa mga beach. Unta maka.adto ko sa mga mahalon nga beaches

  22. Penfires! says:

    Divalicious thanks for having this post, it’s easier to refer to friends hehe. You are my go to link when it comes to Cebu beaches. ^_^

    p.s. niti-urok kadiyot ak utok when I saw the math equation haha

  23. Diva says:

    @cille: wahahahaha thanks! mao bitaw ang question kay, kakasa ka ba sa grade five? bwahahahahaha akong log-in pod kay mangutana pod xa. ma wrong login pa jud hehehehe

  24. Ephraim says:

    Great post and beautiful photos! Malapascua and Basdaku are in my list! :)

  25. Diva says:

    thanks bay!

  26. Hi, i am currently in Cebu with my Cebuano husband, (I am a Manilenya), i am sharing your blog in my website since i will be missing visiting the beaches here as it is not the purpose of our trip this time and i wanted my readers/friends to see how beautiful the beaches here are.. hope you wont mind.. thank you :)

  27. Diva says:

    hmmm… not quite sure how you’re going to feature it :D
    i discourage copying and pasting the entire post, but you can copy some of the parts. otherwise, if it’s the entire post, we’ll both get dinged by google. :D

  28. Its really full of entertainments in most of the beaches in Cebu, when i visit there i moslty was spending the day in Malapascua beach. Here is a slideshow which give a deep description about the beaches.

  29. Diva says:

    thanks for commenting here in lakbay diva’s Top Beaches in Cebu!

  30. Jov says:

    I’ve been to CEBU last Jan for Sinulog Festival but unluckily I wasn’t able to visit any beaches. I’ll go back again next Jan for Sinulog but this time I’m planning to visit these beaches. I’m wondering if its advisable to go to 2 beaches Malapascua and Bantayan within 2 days?

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