Mid Sea Express: A Taxi Airplane

I was listening to Y101 Always First! and heard their advertisement. Mid-Sea Express is flying Bantayan and Bohol from Cebu! And the rates are pretty much affordable, provided that it cuts short the travel time of almost five hours to Bantayan or Bohol to give or take twenty minutes!

mid sea express flight schedule

This is very good news for me as the Semana Santa season is almost here. Semana Santa equals Bantayan. (Here’s an alternative route if you want land trip: How To Get To Bantayan)

From Cebu to Bohol, Mid-Sea Express has a travel time of about 26 minutes as what their website claims, three times faster than the fast craft which takes about an hour and forty minutes. Also to compare their prices, the promo fare is P999 one way where-as the regular fare of fast crafts is P500. The round trip promo 7 days advanced booking is P1,199 (if I’m reading this right) for the airplane, and P500 average for the sea craft(regular round trip  fare is P800). The offer is just tempting.

When I checked their website, it doesn’t do anything yet. Unlike in Cebu Pacific and similar airlines, you can not book your flights online.

I think they need a lot of improvement in the internet marketing side; their PR is not yet updated and looks like they need an SEO to optimize it. Tips to their marketing team: take advantage of social networking especially Facebook, and direct email marketing as well for penetrating information campaign.

I love to fancy myself as the company’s secret shopper. I’ll rate their service as soon as I get to travel either to Bantayan or Bohol. Most likely I’ll be traveling to Bohol anytime soon, so stay tuned. Hehehehe.

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  1. looking forward to your story when you finally get to sample this plane en route to Bohol :)

  2. bingkee says:

    That’s awesome…I would love to see Bohol and Cebu again, maybe this year…anyway, in NYC , they have this water taxi. It looks like a Yellow Taxi only it’s on water.

  3. penfires says:

    i heard this too! have been planning a bantayan trip for the longest time, hopefully this summer. fetus mag ‘seat sale’ kaha sila? hehe

  4. fetus says:

    @claire: sure, i’ll post it as soon as i can.
    @bingkee: isn’t that cool?
    @penfires: promo man cguro nila 1 way 900+, and i think dili sila ka seat sale kay 8 seater ra ila plane. hahaha…

  5. penfires says:

    hahaha mannn i read the first part of the title and assumed it is a marine vessel kay ‘mid sea express’ lagi hahaha and when i heard this over the radio hapit na ko katulgon. na hala balita nalang nya mi once you try this taxi airplane :)

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