How to Get to Bantayan From Cebu

Updated as of August 22, 2013

bantayan sugar beach

As the Holy Week is approaching, most young people in Cebu plan to observe it in Bantayan, a tiny island off the north-west side of Cebu. Observing the Holy Week may not be the right term, as it’s usually the party that they go for. It becomes Cebu’s version of Boracay during the Holy Week season.

So how do we get to Bantayan in the Holy Week season? Or even if it’s not?

How to Arrive in Bantayan

map to bantayanOur starting point is Cebu, so wherever you are in the Philippines or in the world, try to get first here in Cebu. To be exact, our jump off point is in North Bus terminal, near SM Cebu. You can take either a bus or a van-for-hire and you won’t get lost finding the buses/v-hires going for Hagnaya in the terminal. Hounding dispatchers shout their respective routes and insist on passengers to take theirs when the latter wants to go someplace else. Persisting SOBs despite you’ve repeated your destination in their face like the holy rosary.

Fare, How Much???

Aircon buses cost around Php 150. Non-aircon, around Php 130. The van-for-hire is also in the North Bus terminal. Like I said, a lot of those dispatchers are a headache. I have snapped on one of the manong’s there when he insisted for our group to ride the v-hire for Maya (going to Malapascua) when we wanted to go to Hagnaya. What do you want to us to do in Maya??? Hahaha… Anyway, the v-hires cost around Php 150, and shoots up during the Holy Week season.

Reaching Hagnaya port, you’ll disembark and get on a ro-ro or ferry that would cost you around Php 170. It then docks at Sta. Fe wharf, where most of the attractive and popular beaches are. If you are taking your car with you, try calling Lite ferry and Island shipping for their car shipping rates. Upon reaching Bantayan, you may  want to beach bum in Sugar Beach, the trisikad or tricycle can take you there for about Php 20.

Additionally, you can rent motorcycles in Bantayan for around Php 350 a day and they don’t require a driver’s license.

So how much is the fare from Cebu to Bantayan total? Assuming you’re going for the cheapest, one way is about Php 320.

Length of Travel, How Long Does It Take???

For buses leaving the terminal at certain time intervals, and have the penchant to stop at every chance it gets, it takes about three to four hours to reach Hagnaya. Also, buses stop at certain restaurants along the way especially when the driver feels hungry if it’s early in the morning, noon, or supper time.

For v-hires that have an erratic schedule based on the alas-puno scheme, travel time is about two hours but you’ll never know what time it leaves. Well, alas-puno nga, ang kulet.

The barge or ro-ro usually takes around an hour for it to arrive at Sta. Fe wharf, and oftentimes the barges don’t leave exactly on their scheduled time.

All in all, it takes about five hours to reach Bantayan from Cebu, give or take.

sunset in bantayan

So there you go. That’s how you get to Bantayan all the way from Cebu or wherever you are in the world, and arrive at this God-given place.

Photo credits: Joey Gonzales and Jiji Saromines

Info credits: Joey Gonzales who is from Bantayan
Map by: obviously Google

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  1. I miss Bantayan, we had so much fun here, nakipag-fiesta sa mga locals, nakipagsabong at naki-inuman habang merong amateur singing contest :)

  2. salamat ani bai. it will help us to how get there.

  3. it will help us to get there d i bai. na baliktad. hehehe.

  4. ganda pala sa bantayan. i’ve never been to the place. sana makapunta ako in the future:)

  5. fetus says:

    @lakwatsera de primera: kelan kayo nagpunta dun? semana santa ba? ang saya naman…
    @bonzenti: no problem. :)
    @davadelights: maganda xa talaga. hehehe

  6. Verne says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Bantayan Island. I might try to organize a trip with some of my friends.

  7. jessa says:

    i’ve been living in cebu my whole life and sadly… i’ve never been to bantayan. >.<

    but this year, my friends and i are planning to check out this beautiful island that we've been missing. i just really hope our plan will finally push through. =]

  8. pinoy boy says:

    so far, the best beach in the Philippines for me! wow talaga! thanks for posting a detailed map of how to get to Bantayan Island. Cheers!

  9. Ed says:

    I need to get back to Bantayan. dugay2x na jud!

  10. chyng says:

    hhmm 5 hours, parang hindi kasya sa itinerary. but will surely consider this beach, andaming raves! =)

    balik kami cebu sa niv (just to splurge at shangri-la). do you have anymore suggestion?

  11. hindi ko alam yung word na “alas-puno”, kaya natawa ako..

    thanks for the info anyway, we’re considering Bantayan this summer.

  12. fetus says:

    @verne: it’s great to beach bum there!
    @jessa: magkita ta didto ig holy week!
    @pinoy boy: np mate!
    @ed: lagi!
    @chyng: i suggest go to malapascua! it’s uber nice there too!
    @Margot: alas-puno or we pronounce it alas-punô is a concept when the PUV departs when it is fully loaded. hehehe. Go to Bantayan this summer!

    wow, all my replies are in exclamation point. ok i admit, i made up one or two so all would have exclamation points hehehe…

  13. missy s says:

    nakatawa kos ALAS PUNO! :]] how i wish i can visit this place :]] mom told me we have relatives there.. but dli ko himarentii man gud ;p~ maulaw sad ta.

  14. nice tip! thanks for sharing…

  15. nakakainis tlga. ma-ka-cancel yung flight ko to cebu, bawal kse mag-adjust ng sked now. asar! gusto ko pa naman mag-Bantayan! :(
    but thanks for sharing this!

  16. ganda naman sayang di ako nakapunta jan sa malapascua yun pinili namin next time sana bantayan naman :)

  17. fetus says:

    @missy s: adto lang gud unya pasumangil og hapit. hahahaha… tapos makikaon, lolz.
    @pinoy adventurista: way sapayan…
    @gael: punta ako this Holy Week! ehehehe
    @BTG: maganda naman yung Malapascua ah! :)

  18. zhequia says:

    samoka anang captcha codes nimo uy!!

    anyway, off to my comment… bantayan is a great get-away place especially when you wanna travel alone or with a friend. the people are really nice and i never had the feeling that i will get mugged and die and noone will know i was ever here. nonetheless, the trip took us 4 hours and a few more onboard the ferry. it was a great trip. will do it again soon. :D

  19. fetus says:

    @zhequia: yeah, bantayan is a great place. :) adto ko pirmi sa ako amigo

  20. Was just talking about this place with a friend the other day. Mukhang maganda talaga!

  21. Nashyboy says:

    I’ll be going there March 29th i’m excited :))

    Is there any aircon bus going to Hagnaya port?

  22. fetus says:

    yes, there is. why not try midsea express plane? it would be faster and more convenient. :)

  23. kim and mj says:

    Been hearing so many raves about Bantayan that we’re attempting a visit again this December. The first attempt was waylaid nong January because of a bagyo, sa Moalboal kami napadpad, which is not too bad:-) Hoping the weather this time will be better, we are excited!

    This is a comprehensive how to get to Bantayan post and a great help in our planning, thanks for sharing:-D

  24. Xenia says:

    may nagpapa-island hopping ba to camotes, malapascua and bantayan? :) kung meron, mga how much kaya? dalawa lang kasi kami na pupunta sa cebu. thanks!

  25. lakbay says:

    @kim and mj: you’re welcome!
    @xenia: malapascua is in the north of cebu, camotes is in mid-east, and bantayan northwest. wala yatang magpapa island hop to those three islands. :) sa bantayan and malapascua, meron. it will take about 2 hours to travel between those two islands.

  26. hana banana says:

    gusto ko nang mag-Bantayan agad agad!!!! ^.^

  27. dave says:

    hanggang anong oras ba ang trip ng barge?24 hrs ba yan?pls pki sagot. .

  28. lakbay says:

    @hana banana: hahahaha, cge go!
    @dave: hanggang 5 ng hapon.

  29. hector says:

    off to cebu by Oct. Need your advise. Cebu ang entry at exit namin. Any suggestion ng IT? Bantayan Island. Panglao. Malapascua ang mga gusto naming puntahan? tNx

  30. Kerby says:

    Many many thanks for this detailed info. I hope I can visit there.

  31. raj says:

    today the baech is full of dead leaves and quite some plastic. the dead leaves seem islands from inner island plants.. probably after trimming trees, all waste was put in the sea.. vert sad…
    i am 800 meters away from where the ferry harbour..

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