Easy Climb in Cebu: Osmeña Peak in Mantalongon, Dalaguete

osmena peak cebuOsmeña peak – almost

A climb for beginners like me. You sometimes would have to hold on to vegetation or rocks to pull yourself up but it’s just like 5% of the time. And when you’re almost to the top.

How to Get to Osmeña Peak

Getting to the top of Osmeña peak from Cebu city is simple.  Take a bus going to Bato, Santander in Cebu south bus terminal and tell the konduktor you’ll drop off at the corner going to Mantalongon, Dalaguete. Fare is about a hundred pesos and that’s aircon. Travel time is over two hours.

Once you’ll reach Dalaguete, ride a habal-habal that would cost you 50 pesos and 30 minutes of your time going to the Mantalongon public market. Be prepared holding on to your seat or to the driver for a bumpety ride. And don’t forget to take pictures of the scenic habal-habal drive.

on the way to osmena peakAt the public market, you can start the trek by following a road and ask people you meet if you’re still in the right direction. Don’t worry, the trail is easy as it’s mostly passable by vehicles. You may not need a guide going up to the top.

About 4/5th of the way, you’re going to climb clinging on to rocks and plants. During the rainy season it will be slippery and muddy, so take extra caution. Good shoes may help. I used Merrell and I can say it was pretty much fit for the terrain.
gate to osmena peak

You’ll reach a sort of wooden gate welcoming trekkers. That’s not the tip yet. It’s usually where locals collect from the hikers an entrance fee of 15 pesos. A few steps more and you’ll reach the summit. It’s not really obvious that it is as there are many peaks you can find around the vicinity.

After an hour of walking, probably two if you keep on stopping along the way and take pictures, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of Cebu. Moalboal and Pescador Island can be seen in a fog-less afternoon, as well as its neighboring towns.

Here’s some of the scenery you can expect once you reach the top.

osmena peak with bloggersdong ho and edcel

peaks of osmena peakthe world is indeed round – at Osmeña peak

sunset in osmena peaka beautiful sunset, won’t you agree?

On this trip: Doi of the Travelling Feet, Dong Ho of  dong ho eskapo, and Edcel of Soloflighted.

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  1. kikit says:

    naay entrance fee? murag na-weirdohan ko kadali da. hehehe :)

  2. I would probably hike this mountain with our team in Cebu City Tour..

    Thank you for posting online..

  3. carm says:

    kita pala yung moalboal mula sa peak? hehe interesting. kita rin yung o-peak sa moalboal e

  4. ang ganda ng view!!!! dapat pupunta kami jan nila chino kaso biglang naisip namin mag camotes island :P

  5. lakbay says:

    @kit: naa lagi entrance fee ahaka
    @cebucitytour: no problem
    @carm: o! kitang kita :D
    @idol: balik na hahahaha

  6. dong ho says:

    this is one of the less-stress and exciting trek. di lang nila alam kung ano nangyari nung pag-uwi natin sa gabi. buti na lang may dumating pa na mga habal habal. hehehe…

  7. FEg says:

    Sir ung habal-habal na 30minutes ride is only P50? salamat I’m thinking of hiking in October

  8. lakbay says:

    yep, from the main highway in Dalaguete up to Mantalongon public market, it’s 50 pesos. about 30 minutes ride. :D

  9. FEg says:

    Thanks for replying. I appreciate it ;)
    Di naman pla mahal, P50 habal ride from junction to Market then optional to take another habal ride from Market the trail head, plus P100. thanks uli. I hope I got it right ;)

    great blog by the way :)

  10. lakbay says:

    you’re welcome and thanks for visiting! :D

  11. Victoria says:

    I have been longing to reach that place but unfortunately no one is interesting to accompany me and i have no idea on how to reach there since Cebu isn’t my hometown….

    If there’s anyone here who will go for a trekking in O. Peak, PLEASE count me in…. :)

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