Convergys Cebu Call Center Application

The one two three steps in applying in Convergys Cebu, or generally with any call center for that matter.

How to Apply

There are different ways to apply. There are

  1. Job fairs,
  2. Walk-in application,
  3. Referrals of current employees of the call center and lastly,
  4. Online submission of your résumé via email (shoot me an email lakbayphilippines at gmail dot com if you need the email address)

The Process

You will be interviewed initially and they will assess your English communication skill(this is usually the first stage);

  • - If you submit online or through a referral, you may get a call from an HR representative.
  • - If through job fairs or walk-in submissions, there may be two or three of you interviewed at the same time.
  • - If you pass, you will have to undergo an examination that may take an hour or up to four hours;
  • - If you pass the exam you will be scheduled for a final or panel interview; usually this is within the day itself;
  • - Then they would do a job orientation and together with it is the contract signing.

The Job

You would have to meet certain metrics or grades for you to be a regular in your job. Standard is within six (6) months. If you reached six months and they didn’t lay you off, it most likely means that you became a regular.

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  1. pj says:

    i would like to ask for the basic salary there at convergys cebu. i’m from bacolod. i failed the final interview here at convergys bacolod. it is possible if i will apply there at convergys cebu or it needs 1month time for me to apply? thank you!

  2. fetus says:

    i sent you an email pj!

  3. Manny Lou Agawin says:

    When will be your Job Fair here at CDO?

  4. Manny Lou Agawin says:

    I would like when will be your Job Fair here in CDO?

  5. fetus says:

    Hello, I have sent you an email. :)

  6. Chris says:

    Hello ask ko lang f mgkconduct dn b kau ng jobs fair here in general santos city?f ever wen kaya?

  7. Chris says:

    I am really interested to apply but then sabi ng mama k sayang dw f pupunta aq ng cebu pra mg aply p lng…hahayzzz.. so f ever mgkconduct kau ng jobs fair here in gensan. wen kaya?

  8. fetus says:

    hey chris i’ve sent you an email. for other people who want to apply online, they can do so by filling out a form at this URL:

    Please make sure that you fill out the REFERRED BY section with my website:

  9. jen says:

    Hello, I would like to apply as a customer service representative. Im looking a full time job. Im from Leyte and Im here in Cebu.

  10. fetus says:

    @jen I have sent you an email jen.

  11. Xan says:

    November 5,2010

    convergys called me yesterday around 6-7 pm. im from gensan and the job interview is in cebu. what are my chances?

  12. Xan says:

    is it possible to request of a phone interview ?

  13. john says:

    hello, I’m looking for a part time job as costumer service representative, can you give some inputs in regards to the said job including the salary… thank you!

  14. fetus says:

    CSRs or customer service representatives’ job varies. To the best of my knowledge, we don’t have a part-time job at Convergys. Full time jobs basic salary depends on job description and experience. It could range from 9k-18k.

  15. lendy says:

    i want to be a part of your company (convergys)… i am doing tutorials now for elementary students.. how can i apply online?

  16. reypadz says:

    is there a scheduled job fair of cvg in cdo this year? kindly email me when and where? thanks a lot…

  17. edgar says:

    id like to ask the salary at convergys cebu. im currently residing in CDO but im willing to travel in relocate.

  18. edgar says:

    *and* relocate.

    sorry for the mistake.

  19. janice says:

    id like to ask if it’s true that there’s a scheduled job fair here in cdo for this month? where, when and what place will you be having the job fair ?

  20. Thea says:

    Hi! I’m currently at Convergys Bacolod as an agent under Time Warner Technical Account. What are the chances of transferring to Cebu?

  21. Thea says:

    Hi! I’m currently at Convergys Bacolod as an agent under Time Warner Technical Account. What are the chances of transferring to Cebu?

  22. fetus says:

    you may want to consult with your HR. you would have to apply for a lateral transfer, and depending on the availability of slots, your management may accomodate your request. i have no definite answer as to what your chances are. :)

  23. Carleen Loise Villalba says:

    Hi! I would like to ask where I can send my resume online. I am very interested to take this job. thank you!

  24. mavel says:

    Hi!may i ask if how to applu online?thank you!!

  25. mavel says:

    apply rather..

  26. arizza says:

    hello! i want to ask if convergys cebu will accept OJT students?? i am from la salle university ozamiz.. is it possible for us to be in??thank you…!

  27. kerlyn jane flores says:

    do you accept a summer job application??i’m from san carlos university here in cebu..

  28. kayceee says:

    Hello. I had just applied and my preferred location is cebu. May i know the starting salary until promoted. Thank you

  29. minimi says:

    Hi. I would like to know when convergy’s will hold a job fair here in cdo. Thank you!

  30. minimi says:

    Hi. I would like to know when convergy’s will hold a job fair here in cdo. Thank you!

  31. drane21 says:

    hi there does convergy’s has an official website where i can apply online?

  32. zachrane says:

    hello, i apply as an agent in convegys cebu online but they never call me and just conduct an interview and a medical online and after all of that they told me that im already in and ask for 8k worth of load for cash bound before they send me the travel documents and my bonus so i can relocate. i just want to ask if this is a scam/ i send my loads and some of my documents in please help me. i just want to make sure.

  33. zachrane says:

    im from cdo

  34. Scott says:

    @zachrane: It’s obviously a scam when you said that they asked for 8k worth of load for cash.

  35. sai says:

    i have applied online an dthey sent me an email stating that they will just col within 3days, my problem is i dont have referals for my resume. pls someone help me to bemy referral. thank u

  36. juliet says:

    can we apply anytime?

  37. ivy says:

    IS THERE A written exam?

  38. Vina T. Carbonilla says:

    Gudpm,,,i really want to apply as a call center representative. I just want to know how can i send my resume through email. Thank you very much and more power.

  39. Peter Hanz says:

    kanino ko po e email ang resume ko?
    plz help

  40. Shonie says:

    are you accepting a high school graduate but have an over five years of experience in the same field? please answer me via email. coz i’m still confused about it..i was apllied for several times in different call center but then the the problem was my educational background. I’m only a High achool graduate but i a have a potential and skills on same enviroment.. :)

  41. Hello I’m kathy from South Cotabato
    I’m willing to apply on your company
    Can I ask if how much will be the starting salary?
    Thanks :)

  42. fi says:

    hi im scheduled for final interview tomorrow…can you help me? some tips? hows the salary?

  43. jeremie jacob says:

    hello poh:
    i just want to ask if convergys cebu does offer OJT’s?. Im a fourth year computer eng’g student and i plan to have my OJT at your firm…uhm maybe TECHNICAL SUPPORT..please help!!

  44. hi.. just want to know if saan mag send ng resume?

  45. julio says:

    hi.. i’m currently working at convergys bcd. but i’m planning to work in cebu,…(:

  46. belle says:

    Hi!really so interested in applying as call center rep in your company.Is currently out of the country but is going to be in the Philippines this 25th of Sept..i think a friend of mine working there (Convergys Cebu)will refer me to you.
    Looking forward to meeting with you soon.thanks.(Remabelle Alfaro of Southern Leyte)

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