Nalusuan, Cebu: An Island Resort

nalusuan island

Nalusuan island is a family owned island resort, or as what I understand. It is off Lapu-lapu, Cebu (Mactan island) and is a destination I would recommend if you are on a splurge. The place is really amazing – fish abound as the resort strictly implements policies concerning sanctuaries.

I had the greatest luck of luck as my classmate Migoy was a family member that manages and operates the resort. Thus, we had a two-days and two-nights early summer vacation – before classes ended. For free! We brought with us food though, so we don’t have to get food from their restaurant.

What’s up in Nalusuan island? Well, the corals are beautiful, fishes abound, and basically it has a rich marine biodiversity. Not to mention it has a white sandbar that comes out during low tide, perfect for bumming and playing around.

nalusuan snorkelinggearing up for our swim below the outpost!

On our first day, we were so excited and headed directly for the waters. There were hundreds of different fish under the outpost! We swam about for an hour and tried catching them fish but they were too fast for us. Besides, it’s a sanctuary and we’re not allowed to catch any fish.

nalusuan islandSchools of fish = University

We marveled at how preserved the area was – corals were healthy and vibrant, schools of fish in different colors and sizes were swimming about. As we were about to wrap up, we heard explosions underwater. Migoy then told us it was dynamite fishing from a nearby island – a sad reality of fishermen going for easy money.

 heading back to the island

It’s low tide during late afternoon and early morning. Nalusuan’s sand bar emerges as the water recedes. Perfect for having fun under the friendly sun!


Aside from the obvious snorkeling and scuba diving in the sanctuaries, we tried kayaking as well. It was an hour before noon time when we decided to go and paddle – the result: crisp brown and painful skin.

kayak nalusuan

We paddled a few hundred meters from the island and went for the “forests” of corals. Having no training with kayaking and no guides to boot, it was impressive we made it there and back. We did stay for a few minutes, snorkeled and marveled at the curious fish and untouched corals.

On the sandbar, one could play skim boarding, football, volleyball, and whatever sports you could think of! The area is so huge a football field could fit in it.

sand bar in nalusuan island

We tried skim boarding, tossed around a rugby ball and spent the entire late afternoon having fun.

One could also island hop from Nalusuan island – Caawhagan, Gilutongan, and Pandanon are near. They have great beach fronts you could sample.

On the way home, we tried on Nalusuan’s speedboat which was fast. However, the waves were really big that at times, the entire boat is hurtled in the air.

It was a great experience to be in one of the best underwater life island resorts in Cebu. By the way, do you know what “nalusuan” stands for? :p

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  1. Potatoey says:

    Cool :D i wish i can go here on a fun daytrip too :P Amazing fishies but i don’t know how to swim so they might up catching me first :P

  2. carm says:

    sana may ganyan din ako ka bigtime na classmate

  3. lakbay says:

    @potatoey: of course i’ll teach you. :P
    @carm: na classmate nato sa practicum! hahaha

  4. Reiza says:

    Been to Nalusuan a year ago, and definitely enjoyed it there. Your post inspired me to write about my own experience there. Thanks! :)

  5. lakbay says:

    @reiza: go ate reiza! looking forward to your post :D

  6. chyrel says:

    Nindot kaayo mag snorkel diri pero medyo mahal gyud. Sakto kaayo. Nalusuan.

  7. kikit says:

    wa pa intawn ko kaabot aning lugara. nahan ko adto diri dwin, salamat sa tips!

  8. lakbay says:

    @chyrel: o mahal mahal jud hahaha… maygani libre mi lol
    @kikit: you’re welcome! :D

  9. liezyl says:

    hala, mayta manginvite balik si miguel nia kanang naa ko ba!

  10. and I envy you for this. until now hndi ko pa natutuloy yung pangarap kong underwater adventure.. at habang tumatagal at lumalakas ang relationship namin ng bundok, lalo akong lumalayo sa water adventures..

  11. lakbay says:

    hahahaha! ako baliktad. di na rin ako makapag hike pa akyat ng mga bulubundukin! inggit din ako sa mga climbs mo. haiz…

  12. Jag says:

    I love Cebu and always will…Parang iba lang ang ibig sabihin ng Nalusuan hehe…

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