Leona Art Restaurant In U.P. Diliman

Life is full of surprises.

Like when you reach into your 3-month old jeans pocket and you find hundred peso bills. Like when you were just thinking about your crush and pop, he/she appears in front of you.

I had one of those delightful surprises on my last night in Manila. As the PTB Bagets meetup got cancelled, I took off with my brother and friends for a late night dinner. It was too bad I wasn’t able to meet them, but then Leona and I wouldn’t meet.

I was salivating for ube jam somebody promised me, but Fate had other plans.

We were hunting for a good place to eat in UP village, a well-known strip for affordable and great food. Since nobody among us have tried the new Art Resto that just opened, so there we went. I did not know where to eat in UP Diliman, so I just went with them.

The place was homely, and curious artworks abound. Inside the resto, my exotic aesthetic sensors were flooded; I felt post-modernism reeking from the canvasses and other quaint objects. Later on I found out from the manager that Leona Art Restaurant was designed by their mother, an interior designer.

One of the gauges when I size up a person’s house or establishment is through its washroom. Man, their washroom was very clean, tidy, well-kept, and maintained! They gave much effort to impress on users that it’s not just a lavatory.

When we ordered, along came this industrious waiter. Though lacking enthusiasm like Bubbles, he gave commendable and professional customer service. When food was served, everybody got astonished at how presentable they were, and how good it tasted! I ordered bacon as I was craving for one, and avocado shake (my most fave shake) as its in season.

Funny thing is, we were all guys and we don’t usually comment and share the food because its delicious. Usually, we just eat and keep the appreciation to ourselves. But we liked it so much that not only we did that, but we gave a kudos to the manager for a job well done as well.

The manager explained to me that it’s their family owned business. Her two brothers are the chefs, she’s the manager, and her mom is the interior designer. I got to meet one of the chefs and thanked him for the delicious meal he cooked for us.

I rarely blog about food and places to eat, but this one is an exception for me. The food was great and the prices were quite affordable.

We found Leona Art Restaurant along Matimtiman St., corner Magiting St., in Teacher’s Village UP Diliman, Quezon City.

click on the image to biggify map for Leona Art Resto

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  1. The are SO MANY restaurants already in the village (it’s not exactly inside UP Diliman) that I lose track of what’s new. When I was still studying there back in…nevermind haha…there were only a few hole in the wall ones. Progress? LOL

  2. May bago na naman pala, favorite ko doon yung barbecue sa Beach House at yung tapsilogan sa Coop,

  3. Interesting! Thanks for sharing. =)

  4. fetus says:

    @aleah: what’s your student number? hahahaha…
    @claire: uo nga, marami-rami na rin. :)
    @avg jane: you’re welcome

  5. glentot says:

    Ahh the benefits of not throwing jeans into the laundry right away… surprise money

  6. kikit says:

    wala pa gyud ko kaabot anang lugara dwin. kung makalaag man galing, itry nato :)

  7. kristine says:

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. is that green mango shake?

    anyhow, never been to UP not even here in Cebu. :D But I do have a friend there. I’ll put in a good word.^^

  8. if the food is that good, dapat mabisita yan!

  9. fetus says:

    @kikit: ok!
    @marj: it’s avocado. :)

  10. kristine c. says:

    ooops. I missed that part. hahahah. the bacon looks weird. or maybe just the presentation.

  11. Archie says:

    I would like to visit all the restaurants inside UP Diliman soon.
    I think I would start with Leona Art.
    Thanks for this post.

  12. fetus says:

    you’re welcome!

  13. AJ says:

    This is just one corner away from my house! You should’ve posted in PTB so sana you had a PTB meet-up pa rin. Although I doubt it’s me you wanna meet…it’s someone I know (may drama at intrigue, hahaha).

    Love the coziness and the interior design of this resto. I just had a burrito, but it was almost all rice, konti lang ang veggies and meat. But still masarap. :)

  14. lakbay says:

    @AJ: hindi nga? bakit di ko sinabi? hahaha… we didn’t know we were going there, we were aimlessly looking for food hahaha. naku di ako sinipot nung ibig mong sabihin hahaha. (may intrigue at drama).

  15. chyrel says:

    Ka igat na sa imohang site oi. Love the blog make-over. Mata pa ko ato when you were bitching on how hungry you were. Haha!

  16. chyrel says:

    Nasaag akoang comment dah. I was about to say nga nindot ning lugara. Maabot ba kaha ko diri.

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