Café Capriccio, Nivel Hills

cafe capriccio

If you’re looking for a place for romance this Hearts Day, Café Capriccio is the place to be. It’s so romantic I got to bring three women here AT THE SAME TIME. Not that I was dating all of them. Lol.

The view on a mountain side overlooking Cebu is amazing; you could see the city lights from above as if you were on a plane. It gives you the advantage too seeing fireworks during the holidays.

cafe capriccio

The place is near Marco Polo Hotel (formerly Cebu Plaza Hotel), just about a ten minute drive from JY Square in Lahug. There must be only a few people who knows this place given that it is affordable and the ambiance is awesome yet it’s not crowded.

It has about four floors with two  magnificent roof decks, the best part of the place especially at night. There’s a spacious videoke room so if you fail wooing your date through words, might as well try wooing with your hidden talent of singing. Nyahaha.

cafe capriccio eat out

Can’t remember if they serve mediterranean food but what I remember is that they have delicious kebabs and chicken in white sauce hehehe.

I wish the Café Capriccio owners will give me a discount this Valentines Day for advertising their place. Hahaha.

Wishing you a delightful Valentine’s Day!

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  1. looks like you’re going back here on Valentine’s day, (gawin mo nang 4 women, kasama ako ) hahaha

  2. Bonzenti says:

    I wish I could go together with my family in here. Cebu has a lot more to offer especially like in this place. bai, i included you of the blogs I followed including claire (lakwatsera de primera). You have a nice blog guys.

  3. fetus says:

    @lakwatsera de primera: uy don’t flatter me hehehe, baka ikaw nalang dalhin ko dun.
    @Bonzenti: thanks! i’ll include you in my blogroll too…

  4. glentot says:

    Naku patay tayo sa videoke… baka hindi na masundan ng next date hehehe

  5. glentot says:

    I just realized, pareho kayo ng blog layout ni Jessica Zafra…

  6. fetus says:

    idol ko kasi si Jessica Zafra hehehe.

  7. Verne says:

    Jessica Zafra is cool. Idol ko rin siya! :)

  8. punta ako ng Cebu sa Feb 18 ata yun, tara punta tau nila Dpi jan tas inom uli tau tas ikaw na uli magbayad pero d na kita babayaran since ikaw ang host! haha ipakita mu tong post mu s may-ari para my discount ka, malay mu libre ka pa. haha

  9. fetus says:

    @gael: ilang araw ka magstay? cge punta tayo dito, libre ko kasi ako ang host hehehe…

  10. kristine c. says:

    WOW. three women at the same time? haha. ignoring your disclaimer. :p

    nice. it’s very near my work place. pero basin dollars ang price ani. haha.

  11. fetus says:

    @kristine c: di man kaayo dollars, hehehe

  12. Penfires says:

    fets basin ang mgt sa Capriccio once they read na 3 girls imo usual date mo-ayaw sa discount hehehe

  13. Chyrel Gomez says:

    Duol ra kaayo ni sa amoa. Pwede ra gyud baktason pero di lang kay medyo laysho ang lugar niya minus kaayo kung sweaty ang imong clothes and sweatier armpits.

    We spent my sisters birthday in the rooftop. A whole new world kaayo ang feeling. I recommended the place to friends too, if only there’s referral fee for me or even you. Haha!

  14. lakbay says:

    @cille: hahahaha! the next time i went there was a group date sooo…. i’m bringing a lot of people to their business! hahaha
    @chyrel: minus jud! hahahaha… pero nice jud ayo ang place. in fairity.

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