Best Flavored Chicken at Chicken Charlie

WARNING! Food goodness overload! The author is not responsible for hunger caused by this post.

best flavored chicken! Chicken Charlie’s addicting flavored chickens

 What could be more perfect than the best-tasting chicken in town? I don’t need to travel far and wide searching for the perfect flavored chicken because it’s just in the neighborhood – I.T. Park Cebu city’s Chicken Charlie. Well I’m from Apas so if you’re from there too, we’re neighbors!

chicken charlie in cebuChicken Charlie at I.T. Park, Cebu city

 There were five of us who decided to sit down and eat a lot of food in one sitting – thanks to Barbie from Chicken Charlie. Say present if your name is called! Titus of Field Trip Boy, Cille of Penfires, Doi of The Travelling Feet, Barbie of Buhay Kuneho and Lakbay Pilipino of Lakbay Philippines!

charlie chicken awesome food

I don’t want to do much talking so take a look at the mouth-watering photos below. Hahaha…

Chicken Charlie at IT Park Cebudrumsticks, wings, wedges, fries, cheese-sticks in no particular order, and I’m no waiter!

Let me tell you a surprising side dish aptly called — Dynamite. It’s actually a whole chili they coated with cheese and wrapped similar to a lumpia. They didn’t remove the stem so at first I was thinking why do they have eggplants wrapped in lumpia wrappings? And where did they get those tiny eggplants and in the first place, are there even tiny eggplants???

chicken charlie's dynamiteCharlie Chicken’s Dynamite

I didn’t listen to Barbie as she was explaining to us the food prepared before us – was busy munching on those Dynamites when suddenly the hotness of the chili stung my mouth and my eyes grew large. Good thing the sweetness of the creamy cheese kind of neutralized the “halang” or “anghang” otherwise I would have killed for water.

After eating the chicken wings and drumsticks, I tried the wedges and fries and their Charlie’s bowl. I ordered the Charlie’s bowl, but couldn’t finish it all by myself as I ate four delicious drumsticks and a couple of wings. Then I washed all the food with Bundaberg’s Ginger beer. Another must-try. It’s a soft drink or carbonated drink, not the alcoholic one so you don’t have to worry you alcoholic you.

chicken charlie ginger beerBundaberg Ginger beer at Chicken Charlie

It’s a value-for-money restaurant, despite it’s expensive look and feel. You can eat a value meal with two drumsticks and rice for Php 135.00!

The following days and weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself eating there.

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  1. Eunice says:

    Where exactly in IT Park? :D

  2. lakbay says:

    in eBloc tower 2, duol sa Army Navy ug sa Starbucks. :) long time no hear! :P

  3. Ahahay! Been eating muton for 15 days now and I’m really, really, really craving for chicken :(

  4. Penfires! says:

    I hate your first pic!!! Nagutom nuon ko. Grabe! I want to eat those chickens like NOW! haha

  5. Titus says:

    Present…. Hindi ko na nabilang nakain kong wings and legs nung gabing yun… Sarap, buto nalang ang natira. See you on our next food trip Edwin!!!!

  6. kikit says:

    hopefully next year! :)

  7. chyrel says:

    Silingan ra diay ta! Haha! Will go there with the plus one nya. XD

    Ganahan ko mo try sa Bundaberg Ginger beer.

  8. lakbay says:

    @gaye: happy birthday! i haven’t tried mutton yet XD
    @cille: ako pooooooooodddddd!!!!!! hahaha
    @titus: lechon foodtrip!!!! hahaha
    @kit: cge kitakits!
    @chyrel: wokie! lami-an ko’s ginger beer pero weird xa at first.

  9. ohmy!! This post reminded me na i have to visit the chicken charlie here in cdeo. hmmm! :) Now I have an idea on what to do this coming weekend :D That chicken is super super yummy!

  10. swak sa budget! will try this out pagdating ko cebu next week! by the way nasa cebu ka na ba ulit? looking for a place to crash in while waiting for my iligan boat ride :D

  11. Maka-gutom bai! Dili diay na makahubog beer. Hehehe….

  12. lakbay says:

    dili. sayang lagi! bwahahahaha

  13. randyQ says:

    Wow makagutom mani Dwin. I know I’ve been warned! Just can’t help it. NOMNOM! Might try this soon. Thanks!

  14. Lakbay Diva says:

    hahaha, makagutom bitaw uy. you’re welcome!

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