Pandanon Island

One of the places you might want to check out this summer – summer beach fever! – would be Pandanon Island. I made a list about Cebu beaches (like Camotes beach) last year but I wasn’t able to finish it.

pandanon islandthe fine sand of Pandanon

After we went island hopping and snorkeling in Gilutongan, we took our lunch in this small island between Cebu and Bohol. There is an entrance fee of about 150 pesos per head, excluding the cottage. So if you brought a cottage with you, you have saved P250! Hahahaha…

It is kind of ridiculous to be paying this much for just a stay in a hut for a couple of hours. But if you knew the price of other neighboring islands, you will know this is a little bit cheaper.

pandanon sandbarpeople strolling at the sandbar

Once we were full, we just sat down by the shallow waters enjoying the sand brushing our naked backs. We watched some of the krung-krungs paddle their kayaks; two Japanese men learning to skim board and the new one kept falling off but he didn’t give up; and some Caucasians snorkeling a few meters from us. But to tell you the truth, the place is not good for snorkeling. You wouldn’t see anything underwater except dead corals and sea grass. Nothing exceptional.

pandanon group shotpeek-a-boo!

One of people there is the original lakbaydiva. I just inherited this site from him or her or it (what’s really the gender of gay people? Hahahaha).

After our heavy lunch, we played volleyball, frisbee, and skim boarding. The place has a big area during low tide as the shallow parts gets exposed, adding to the long stretch of this sand bar.

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As we were about to head home, I took a last dip. Then, a jellyfish stung the whole of my right arm. It was burning hot and very itchy, and I panicked. Good thing a friend knew first aid about jellyfish stings, so he told me to put vinegar on it. I frantically searched for vinegar and found a bottle. I hurriedly poured it all over my arm and was relieved as it had instantaneous soothing effect. However, a few seconds after that, I felt another burning sensation! This time it was hotter! I looked at the vinegar and realized it was Sukang Pinakurat! Bummer! So I went back to the water again and immersed myself to cool it off.

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  1. yhun says:

    LOL on pinakurat.

    huhu never been to pandanon. mahal man gud ang boat. ;(

  2. val says:

    Hahahahaha, I really laugh at the “pinakurat” incident. :)

  3. ganda ng sandbar ah (btw, curious na rin ako sa original lakbay diva) :)

  4. fetus says:

    @yhun and val: yeah, it was over two years ago and i still can’t forget it. hahaha
    @claire: hahaha. yung bading third from left. he/she/it is a good friend of mine.

  5. Ed says:

    haha. pakilala mo sila dwin. like a full-blog article feature! that will surely be an entry to tell! just ask for consent from diva. then post away with pictures to boot. syaro dili na maliki ang mga tao. haha

  6. zhequia says:

    ROFL!! pinakurat jud?! :)) so when you do hit the beach make sure to bring a sachet of vinegar for jellyfish attacks! :D

  7. kristine c. says:

    whew. that might have hurt a lot (jellyfish sting). But maybe if di to sya pinakurat, the soothing effect might have not taken effect right away. haha

  8. haha sa wakas nakita ko na yung original lakbaydiva na kinekwento mu! :)

  9. Atticus says:

    syayt. pupuntahan ko iyan!

  10. Looks like a fine beach to visit when in Cebu! Adding this to my Cebu travel (when I finally got to book a flight ehehe)

  11. january says:

    i wonder how much is boat rental from mactan to pandanon, any idea?

  12. lakbay says:

    hi bea, murag mga 4.5k na ang mga bangka karun. i think whole day rent na xa, good for mga 10+ people.

  13. Linaw kaayo dwin ang dagat. BTW, why they called it “Pandanon”? Daming Pandan before?

  14. lakbay says:

    ambot lang kaha engr., wa ko kabaw nganong pandanon hehehehe… wala may mga pandan didto, sand bar ra man siya :P

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