Guimaras Island’s Secret: Guisi Beach

One of the surprising places I’ve been to is the southwestern part of Guimaras: Guisi. A detour from the usual beaches in Nueva Valencia like Alubihod or Villa Igang resort, this spot is hidden from unprying eyes. A little adventure awaits anybody who cares to explore this part of the island. The road going there from Nueva Valencia’s main road is bumpy as it’s mostly gravel. Be prepared to get off from your tricycle sometimes to help push it to get over some difficult terrain. Well there were three of us so I think the tricycle couldn’t carry our weight over some steep,gravel but short uphills. There were two main attractions we found. One was the light house, and second was the beach and coves itself.

Guisi, Guimaras’ Old Lighthouse

light house in guisi guimarasan old sentinel that has rusted over time… Guisi Guimaras’ old light house

This old structure is way past its prime. The stairs were creaky though passable. However, the sign on this tower says “Guina dili-an ang pag saka kay dilikado” translates to “It’s prohibited to climb up as it’s dangerous”. I don’t recommend for anybody to climb it that’s for sure. On top of the tower is a small circular platform. Edcel had the courage to climb on top on it despite strong gusts of wind. So girls and boys, don’t do this at home.

old light house in guisi guimarastaking pictures on top the 18th century light house

The view from the top is great, though you’d always have to me cautious as to not fall off. It would be a long painful fall down the cliff where the tower is perched.

Kenyama Beach Resort

kenyama resort guisi guimarasbig rocks hiding cute coves in Kenyama Resort, Guisi Guimaras

A few hundred meters from the old light house is a nice stretch of white sand beach. Farther beside the stretch of sand were huge boulders of rocks. It caught our attention. We inquired around and found out that we can access it by going through Kenyama Beach Resort.

Kenyama beach resort covesclick image to biggify

We went down from the resort to the huge rocks and found beautiful coves. We felt adventurous – we waded across waist deep waters into the heart of the boulders and claimed the coves ours for the taking. edcels crazy stuntFinding these coves was easy – if you were willing to get wet. Including your camera. Well that was how badly Edcel wanted to take pictures of the picturesque coves and boulders that he risked his DSLR camera. Good thing it didn’t get wet, despite wading in waters as high as his head. And I get to shoot some pictures of his crazy stunt. Doi, Edcel and I jumped off the rocks down to the inviting waters too like a bunch of kids after the last day of classes. Good thing there weren’t any teachers around to stop us from enjoying. Although we wanted to stay longer, our tricycle driver told us we need to get back to the port so we can catch the last trip back to Iloilo. We did get to the closing trip just in the nick of time.

fun in kenyama beach resort guisi guimaras

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  1. kikit says:

    dwin, sa kanindot sa pinas, dili sya masuroy ug one straight year! pramis :)

    if i had been with you, i would have put on my life jacket. it’s a pity i don’t know how to swim. i’ve missed a lot of snorkeling opportunities na. tsk, tsk.

    and ei, i love your underwater photos. want to have the latest sony underwater cam. hahaist, puhon unta.

    reminder diay, basin ma issue imong friend sa pagkatkat sa tower ha. naa na ra ba ta sa fb age :D

  2. I didn’t know of this place until recently,
    not even when I was still a student in Iloilo..
    And Guimaras is a sidetrip island that I frequent for short vacations then.
    Love the pictures!

  3. wandershugah says:

    Wow beautiful secluded coves! lovely photos lakbaydiva! :) ps: di kaya ma issue si edcel ana? dghn echusera raba ron :D

  4. ganda!
    pero sayang yun lighthouse.

  5. may lodging din ba sa guisi? maganda rin pala ang beach dun :)

  6. lakbay says:

    @kikit: agree ko one hundred percent!
    @francis: thanks!
    @wandershugah: thanks! di lagi pa issue si edcel kay blogger hearth throb man hahahaha
    @ken: honga…
    @christian idol: meron! sa kenyama beach resort. :)

  7. Mitch says:

    Buwis buhay ang peg ni Ed ah! Pati DSLR, sinabit din. Worth naman daw dahil sa ganda ng cove na to!

  8. super nag enjoy kami dyan sa Guisi… but we’re so afraid to climb the rusty light house… hehehe! :)

  9. yamie says:

    Wow! Wish ko rin marating yan someday :-)

  10. Scary rotten metals. :-).

  11. Cisco says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing us this :)

  12. Jan Ashlee says:

    Hello! I love ur blog site! it served as my inspiration in creating my own travel blog. I hope you could visit my blogsite too or even add me on your bloglist. thank u so much and good luck on ur future trips!! – Jan Ashlee,

  13. Atticus says:

    oh my. when i was there last the lighthouse was still intact. sayang naman.

    i too, stayed at villa igang. ang dami kong huli na isda roon lagi. it’s one of my favorite refuge

  14. lakbay says:

    @mitch: buwis buhay nga si ed! hahahaha
    @mervz: inakyat nyo sana at magpatigas ng ulo tulad namen! hahahaha… sa mga pupunta dun, di ko advise umakyat dun! hahaha
    @yamie: in time yamie, in time.
    @bonzenti: maygani kay wa nadugmok pagsaka namo hahaha…
    @cisco: np
    @jan ashlee: np jan ashlee and thanks for dropping by!
    @atticus: i’m honored nakapunta na ako sa favorite refuge mo! yey!

  15. Jay Guevarra says:

    Sir, Pahingi nman ng info kung how much ung gastos pagpunta dyan sa guisi. salamat ng madami

  16. chyrel says:

    Nyahahahaa! Nalingaw ko sa comment about multiply. It’s where memories of the erstwhile’s are buried.

    Ganahan kaayo ko mag Guimaras. I was actually parked in your blog for future travel destinations and Guimaras gyud akoang ganahan pero lisora na ug travel lately oi. Di mi pareha’g RD.

  17. lakbay says:

    waaaaa… file mo’g one week leave! hahahaha…

  18. Paula O says:

    I love lighthouses. My visit here last June was really worth it! :-)

  19. Sheena Bree says:

    I’ve been to this place already, last November. And this place is really great. Ang ganda ng lugar. Nakakamangha!

  20. IlonggaKo says:

    Daredevil gd kmu ya. Kaya nu man magsaka sa tower nga too rusty na, kg nag saka pa gd sa pinaka top. ;P

  21. Diva says:

    mao jud! hehehe… i don’t advice people to do it by the way :P

  22. Jer says:

    why you did not post pictures of the new lighthouse? It just beside it color white?

  23. Diva says:

    i find the old light house more dramatic to post :P i have it in my hard drive, though.

  24. Liez says:

    Been to guimaras but not at this place. Hope to be back there soon.

  25. Wow! That’s a very beautiful beach!

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