Dakô, Guyam, and Naked Islands in Siargao

ISLANDS referred to are Dakô, Guyam and Naked, not only Naked. Just in case you’re wondering if there are a lot of Naked Islands. Especially you with a green mind.

Island Hopping in Siargao

The boat cost P2,500 for whole day with the three islands mentioned as destinations. You need to bring your own food (especially lunch if it’s a whole day island hopping).

island hopping in siargaooff to island hopping in Siargao’s great islands: Dako, Guyam and Naked islands!

Naked Island

is usually the first destination. Just like Camiguin’s White Island, it doesn’t have any plants or trees (though there are some patches of grass). It is barren and just a white sand bar that gets smaller during high tide.

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It’s great to just lay down on the sand and enjoy the sun, the sand, and the waves. That is, if you don’t care about getting sunburnt. The first time I was here, I got to see a shooting of Trip na Trip and consequently had a cameo appearance, albeit just waving around like dorks. :P

siargao's naked islandgetting half-naked in naked island. :P

Dakô Island

siargao's dako islandthe best place to beach bum – coconuts + great beach = pure bliss!

is the biggest among the three islands mentioned. It has a lot of coconuts and according to my friend, has the sweetest tasting coconut in the whole of Philippines! In fact, she consumed 6 of them in one sitting! And I’m not exaggerating!

This is where we beach bummed after lunch, and stayed for about two hours. There were some cottages on the beach but we didn’t stay in any of them as there was, as expected, rental. We chose to stay under the shades of the coconut trees instead, and it was way cooler. Although midday, we still managed to swim and enjoy the white and fine sand of this Island. It was our goal anyway to get tan as much as possible, and flaunt to friends back home that I got my tan in Dakô, Siargao Island.

uber nice dako islandthe crystal clear waters of Dako island, Siargao

Guyam Island

is last in the itinerary, and is the rocky, cute island. There are trees and a single cottage in the middle. Its size is about four basketball fields placed side-by-side.

siargao's guyam islandthe cute little Guyam island

You can ask around the locals or resorts where you can hire a banka to get you to these islands. It’s better to hire the locals instead from the resorts themselves because it’s more expensive.

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Alternatively, you can island hop by just kayaking. If you have the endurance, then why not? The waves are actually calm and the depth of the water shallow for the most part as these near the mainland Siargao. There’s actually nothing to worry about as the waves break further from the waters you’d paddle. Hahaha…

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  1. Wow, the place is so beautiful. I hope one day we can have our vacation in Siargao. There’s just a lot of places to explore. Ganda!

  2. wow!!! into my bucket list! thanks for sharing your experience with us…

  3. zhequia says:

    ahak uy. murag gansi jud ko ani bah. nakadaghan naka ako tawon ani.

  4. ganada din pala ng mga beach sa Siargao. kala ko kase pang-surfing lng. thnx for sharing!

  5. Ed says:

    @gael: maraming magagandang beach sa siargao! sarap balikan!

    @fetus; atot makamingaw. lami ayo ibalik! hehe

  6. kristine c. says:

    basin naa shark diha. :D

    ganahan ko anang naked island. pangalan pa lang kay nindot na paminawan. hahaha

  7. LivingShed says:

    i miss siargao..i’ve been there last year..and wanted to visit it again

  8. Glentot says:

    Akala ko nudist beach ung naked island haha

  9. fetus says:

    @marj: walay shark uy! at least katong pag adto namo hahaha… akong mga amiga kay nag get-naked sa naked island. lolz.
    @livingshed: ako rin!
    @glentot: pwede rin :D

  10. carla says:

    can’t wait for my siargao trip! this really helps. thanks

  11. Mauie says:

    Still on my wishlist. Hope I can also visit Siargao soon.

  12. ang ganda ng Dako at Guyam island, nice places to bum around for many days :)

  13. fetus says:

    @carla: no problemo! hope you can learn how to surf and you’ll teach me hehehe…
    @mauie: goodluck!
    @claire: uo nga, di nga namin gustong umuwi eh. kulang yung isang araw sa mga isla na yun hehehe…

  14. too bad for me i’ve never been to siargao.. kamahal kasi ng ticket dito hehe. Thanks for sharing!! Ganda ng beach!

  15. fetus says:

    promise sobrang ganda nang beach! tapos wala pang mga kati-kati tulad ng mga commercialized and populated beaches hehehe

  16. Do you have any info on Siargao Island Resorts that my friends and I could stay with?

  17. fetus says:

    plugger! hahahaha…

  18. Camz says:

    How beautiful! How much would the estimated budeget be for a couple of days if we visited Siargao?

  19. lakbay says:

    There were 5 of us who went there for 3 nights and i spent about 5k – that includes but not limited to island hopping, food, and place to stay. :)

  20. i wonder how many minutes this would be on a kayak? hmmn… can’t wait for our Siargao trip!

  21. aurell says:

    its true.. of all places i had been to… siargao ang una para sa akin..

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