Alona Beach Front in Panglao Island, Bohol

 bohol's alona beachAlona beach front in Panglao island, Bohol

Panglao Island in Bohol offers the best beaches there are in the Central Visayas region. The Alona Beach front in the Tawala stretch, though a bit shorter than the Bolod – Libaong beach stretch, is the more popular and populated place especially by foreigners.

It serves as the jump-off point in going to Balicasag island. Motorboats are moored here and operators scour the beach – instead of kinhason - day-trippers who want to go to Balicasag or for an island-hopping. At night, the different restaurant-stalls put out their tables along the coastline and it suddenly turns into a boracay-like party place. At night too, the horizon is dotted with white specks and upon closer inspection, reveals that these are motorboats waiting for their trips the next day.

This beach in Panglao has a fine sand and shallow waters. Walking several meters into the sea won’t get you drowned yet. Even during high tide. During low tide, you would have difficulty taking a dip because all you’d ever get is a knee-deep water several meters away from the shore.

underwater life in Alona beachthe underwater life in Alona beach, Panglao, Bohol

Its underwater life is not that remarkable if you just snorkel. All you’d see is some few fish, a lot of sea grass, and tons and tons of white, powdery sand. You can go snorkeling probably 50 to a hundred meters and that’s when the marine life gets interesting. Several budding corals can be found and you can find more fish.

Much like Moalboal or Boracay, there are several resorts or accommodations to choose from. They are dotted along the shore as much as the restaurants scatter along the beach. Their cheapest accommodation I found was 800 pesos with A/C, and it was a promo price. One of these days I’ll go back there and have a list of prices and where you can actually crash.

Alona isn’t that really popular with the locals. I’m from Tagbilaran, Bohol and only later in my post college days did I know that there exist beach fronts other than the one in Dumaluan and Bohol Beach Club.

alona beach panglao boholAlona beach’s night life

The night life here is vibrant. Expect different nationalities that you’d meet – Koreans, Japanese, German, Russian, American, to name a few. They’re out here to experience the breeze from the sea and good beer. There are locals too who want to enjoy a breezy nightlife with a few beers and perhaps with a band. On a side note, I surveyed some visitors and they told me the best beer they’ve tasted is San Miguel beer Pilsen. I prefer Cerveza Negra over Pilsen though.

If you want a sandy white beach that’s not so crowded and not so lonely either, this would be perfect for you.

beach front in panglaoinviting waters of Alona beach!

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  1. chyrel says:

    Bibo kaayo ang Alona Beach sa gabii. Wala mi kasulay sa night life kay we were so dead tired when we were there. Gikan 9hr shift kay deretso gud dayon’s Bohol. Sayanga.

  2. I miss Alona Beach! Sarap mag-tambay at chillax lang dyan hehe

  3. lakbay says:

    @chyrel! bitaw bibo jud kaayo. nag fastcraft mo? sayang wa mo ka rest para mag enjoy didto. :P
    @micamyx: sarap nga magtambay dun! tapos libre pa ang entrance unlike other beaches! :D

  4. Rox says:

    I was in Bohol, first time, last July this year. Nalingaw pud ko sa ilang night life. didto mi nag stay sa Bohol Diver’s :D
    Bohol posts

  5. kristine c. says:

    yay! it’s during this time of the year last year when I am on this same place! I want to go back there in Bohol.

    Hmmm. I agree, foreigners really like Pale Pilsen (a client here in the office said so that that’s his fave beer). I don’t have a recommendation though as to what’s the best beer. lol.

  6. OMG Beautiful corals!!! Gusto ko tuloy bumalik dito waa

  7. hmmm.. so ganun pala itsura ng alona.. sa doljo na lang ulit ako :P

  8. Ganda talaga ng Bohol- full packed destination, andito na lahat!

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