Free Diving versus Snorkeling

in a diving suit!

What is free diving? According to Wiki, it is an aquatic activity where a practitioner holds his/her breath while diving underwater. Compared to snorkeling, the practitioner doesn’t just swim on the surface of the water, but rather goes deep down as far as he/she could go.

typical snorkeling with vests on

It is one of the sports I am an enthusiast of. I scoured over the internet for various tips and look for a local free dive training here in Cebu but I couldn’t find one. I meant free as in you won’t pay for it. Hehehe. So far from what I’ve learned and researched, you need to relax both your body and mind. You need to practice slow breathing and tolerance of carbon dioxide, as well as how to balance the pressure that will build up once you go down deep. Specifically, you need to be calm and relaxed through slow breathing and emptying your mind of anything. Much like Zen. The aim is to lower your heart rate and thus lower the fast burning of oxygen and accumulation of carbon dioxide. I wish I could get the specifics and procedures through a free dive training.

free diving and going after the SCUBA divers

With these techniques, my holding of breath improved, from a twenty second dive in Balicasag to almost a minute dive in Pescador island. It is the pressure I can’t handle though, no matter how many minutes I practice equalizing techniques prior to the dive. Coupled with snorkeling, free diving gives you the maximum underwater pleasure ever. Not only do you get to watch fishes as they swim past by, but might give you the chance to swim along with them.

What to expect under water? Check out these awesome pictures below:

click on image to biggify
All pictures were taken using an Olympus 3000 underwater cam. Only at Lakbay Diva!

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  1. Drew says:

    I can never learn how to use those snorkeling gears to save my life. So whenever I do snorkel, I always end-up having to hold my breath until I can. I guess I’ve been doing free diving and I didn’t even know it! Nice post!

  2. chinchan says:

    Lakbay, I love the beach but im really scared of deep water. I dont know how to swim, never learn how to swim , snorkel or dive. It looks entertaining. i have that kind of fear of some sort I dont know its weird but i just feel like im gonna be drowned . Fear fear fear …

  3. lakbay says:

    @drew: thanks!
    @chinchan: the first time i went snorkeling with my friends i froze up when they ventured to deeper waters – waters where you can’t stand up and have your head above water. but then ultimately i faced this challenge of the deep and found it adrenaline pumping. :)

  4. doi says:

    haaay. i hope i could learn how to dive na. my last attempt at learning was a big FAIL! lol

  5. i only tried diving once in coron… i didn’t like it. i was too scared and too concentrated on breathing that i didn’t remember what i saw underwater. haha!

  6. happysole says:

    wooow! i got to try free diving in Balicasag too! it was one of the best experience i have had so far. ang saraaap ng feeling after. nasira pa slippers ko pabalik sa surface dahil siguro sa tubig. hehehe

  7. lakbay says:

    @doi: cge kuyog nya ta doi mag beginners ta sa moalboal.
    @gladys: lol! when we do it again and again, everything will be just like ordinary – you don’t get to worry yourself if you’ve done it or not. hehe
    @happysole: ang sarap nga sa balicasag. too bad i didn’t see the dolphins like u did.

  8. Lauren says:

    Me too!! I’m not an amphibian like you and i cannot use snorkeling equipment to save my life either…

    I enjoy the mountains moreso than the beach anyway. Since i don’t have that bikini-friendly body :P

  9. Christina says:

    Ganahan sad kaayo ko makat-on ug free dive! kutob ra pud ko snorkel. Mu panic naman gud ko for air inig abot na nako sa ubos. Haha! Naay free diving competition sa moalboal summer next year. Praktisi na taman Dwin! XD

  10. Ed says:

    tagpila ang flippers dwin? nahan ko suway. mahal ra kaayo ang scuba! hehe. mas cool sad tanawun ang free diving.

  11. lakbay says:

    @lauren: i’m no amphibian too. i’m a lovebird. hahaha. you don’t need a bikini-friendly body to go to the beach. :) and having a slimmer body as sexy is a social construct. you’re still good-looking in my eyes.
    @christina: mao na kailangan og relaxation techniques. :) i don’t think i’ll do competitions. i’m only into recreation hehehe.
    @ed: 1k akong palit, proline ang brand. mahal jud bitaw ang scuba.

  12. Corrine says:

    Ganda ng pictures! Amazing! :) Kung hindi lang ako takot sa mga isda.. :O

  13. I know the basics, but i’m still have to relax my mind from everything. Basics for me is in the first grade. Actual, hmmm, not yet experience. But still not too late for me to learn more about free diving.:-).

  14. Ceblogger says:

    my ears hurt everytime i go deeper than 6 ft. i guess diving is not for me. magsubmarine na lang ko. :)

  15. lakbay says:

    @corrine: bakit ka takot sa isda? hahaha ang ganda kaya nila.
    @bonzenti: suway nya na pod ko’g katkat diha sa bukidnon. :)
    @ceblogger: hahahaha. equalize :) mahal ang submarine.

  16. Wow, those are amazing underwater photos. I have never tried diving or snorkeling but I really would love to experience it. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Auraphil says:

    Hi Lakbay,
    nice photos. For you and your Readers, I
    try viewing the Video Clip of Theo, a young
    German Volunteer who enjoyed his assignment
    in Guiuan,Eastern Samar.
    Google: Denn meine Freiheit droht der Welt
    Click: September 2009 Blog
    Also his Friend Video Clip Peter (Salcedo)Sept. 20, 2009 Blog. His Nov. 4
    Blog about Lawaan Waterfalls are also interes
    You will enjoy Snorkeling at Binabasalan Island because from 1 Meter deep starting
    from the Shoreline, you will see colorful
    Fishes and different Corals. Even non Swimmers will enjoy. Happy Trip!!!
    Salcedo,E. Samar

  18. Penfires! says:

    Super adventures underwater dyud! na inspire dyud ko nimo dwin to try exploring the wonders underwater. Hopefully soon bisan snorkel lang hehehe

  19. lakbay says:

    @davaoinfosite: thanks and you’re welcome!
    @auraphil: thanks for sharing!
    @cille: go go go!

  20. Photoblogger says:

    Woah! I didn’t know there was another Cebuanno blogger who would love to freedive! I’ve been scouring around for some friends who’d love to train for freediving. Maybe you should join us, dumb as it sounds, we’re “self-learning” basic stuff :D

  21. Photoblogger says:

    Yes let’s! tara! when?

  22. lakbay says:

    pwede next month! :D

  23. Don says:

    This had been my first time here and its cool ! I hope I’ll win in this raffle to have these swag gadgets !

  24. Just message me in FB, hope we can other bloggers to join too :D

  25. doi says:

    patudlo niya ko magdive dwin! :D
    ed is my biking master, dapat ikaw ako diving master. :lol:

  26. Mimai says:

    How I wish I can do this. Kailangan sa ko makat-on ug langoy! =((

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