Project NOAH: Travelers’ Next Best Friend

a stormy day for a boat in El Nido, Palawan

Last month, I traveled to Palawan at the height of the Typhoon “Lawin”. I was ill-advised, but didn’t regret pushing through with the trip though. I managed to get some sunny snapshots of the beautiful El Nido beaches (like my Nacpan beach adventure) and islands, but most of my photos were obviously cloudy or stormy.
Only if I had known before of Project NOAH (or Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards), I would have known what to expect and planned my travel accordingly.
A friend of mine who works there gave me their link as she knew I was a traveler, and this would be really helpful to me. And indeed it is. It’s helpful to you too, my dear reader.
I went to their site, and was greeted with a map of the Philippines. I played with the overlays and learned that this tool right here is indeed very much helpful. You can check the probability of rain within an area, say your area.

probability of rain map (can be zoomed in in the actual website)

There was one time when this friend warned her Cebu friends that within the hour, Cebu may experience rain. Only shortly after she posted the message on Facebook, it did rain. I was mystified, but she later revealed that the map of project NOAH indicated Cebu to have a 95% of rainfall. And it was indeed accurate.

 a satellite map of an approaching weather disturbance

Another feature here is you could actually see an updated map of any approaching typhoon to the country. It’s an up-to-the-hour updated map so you would know whether it’s still safe to go out or not. This would be very helpful to fisher-folks and boat operators in our tourism industry. They can plan when they can go to the open seas and how long they should stay there. There are still several information and functionalities, like data gathered for the past years of our rainfall, flood, etc. This data could help aid our farmers and fisher-folks in making informed decisions. This could help their business, and ultimately increase stability to food production.


This can be downloaded as a mobile application for your android phone! The access of information about our weather has never been this easy before. I could only imagine travelers glancing at their mobile devices lugging around a bag, then turns around, heads back home because there’s an incoming typhoon. Or even myself heading out to the mall and see an update on my mobile phone that there’s an 80% chance of rain, so better bring my jacket or umbrella.

No need to logon to my computer or laptop to check the weather. Smooth, huh?

Here’s the download link for that android app: >CLICK ME<

This development of project NOAH didn’t only think of measures when disaster strikes, but for disaster prevention as well. It’s amazing that the government has started thinking about their own ordinary citizens – Project NOAH can aid us travelers and ordinary people in our day to day lives! All we need to do now is to use this resource to the best of its potential. Kudos to DOST and the people behind this!


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