Philippines’ SeCRET

One of the envisioned mode of transportation is the Self Contained Renewable Energy Train. This train would be powered through solar, wind, and padyak energy; all three are renewable. The three sources of energy will feed the batteries mounted on this vehicle, and without charging, will run for about 10 hours.

philippine made train

The picture above is the prototype of the said SeCRET train, however, it’s still on wheels as this is still the prototype. Once there will be rails setup, the wheels will be changed.

This vehicle was conceptualized because of Atty. Oposa’s advocacy for a Road Revolution. He wanted an eco-friendly vehicle that would not use oil but rather renewable energy. Engr. Brian Yuson was then tasked to design the vehicle, and then made it out of scrap materials.

Hopefully, this Filipino SeCRET will save us from the dangerous jeepney drivers and equally hazardous private vehicles. It will initially help us save a few pesos for a fare, save us from the dangers of walking on the road without sidewalks, and in the long run would free us from enslavement of oil. As what Atty. Oposa said, we can then say to those oil cartel, to hell with your oil! We don’t need you anymore!

Gayle, I finally met your idol blogger Anna. Hehehe…

roadrev with anna oposa

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  1. Soul Captive says:

    Cool! Wa pako kasakay og train. Hope this is the first one I get to ride on :D

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