Outpost – It Has Been Quite A Ride

The Cebu’s music scene will never be the same. Outpost Restobar, located along Veteran’s Drive in Lahug, Cebu City, is finally calling it quits.

Let me describe what this place means to me, and means to a lot of Cebuano people out there.

A place to ogle and watch nice looking kayaks and artifacts from all over the world. Especially the guitar collection! Ok I’m lying. It’s actually the beautiful ladies that seem to ooze out from this place. From the singers to the takatak girls to ladies just sitting pretty, my evening would be complete stealing glances at them. Our eyes roll and necks twist from side to side when a cute girl catches the corner of the eye. Sometimes, when takatak girls sell cigarettes, we employ dilatory tactics so they would stay with us long enough and hopefully get their number.

the ladies at outpost

Mob with the crowd and dance to reggae or dance rock! Especially with my favorite band, The Line Divides! This band gets as many mobbers as Urbandub in Outpost when they play here. Well the place is quite tiny so the comparison could be moot. But once they play, man, the flooring seems to cave in every passing second. Just like what happened last night.

cebuano band the line dividesThe Line Divides surely don’t disappoint their fans

Be awed by budding excellent local bands. I’ve seen Purple Helmets and Sefyla and I can say Cebu really has an inexhaustible supply of music talents. Outpost, much like the Kahayag that closed down a few years ago, serves as a breeding ground for local artists. This is the place to be seen and be known, if you plan to make it in the Cebu music industry.

sefyla band cebuSefyla performing at Outpost. Tamax idol!

Get starstruck seeing local music talents like Urbandub and SaTI. It’s pretty cool seeing your local celebrities just chilling out and they seem to be normal people. The reason that they seem to be average people is because people don’t mob them. For me, most Cebuanos just appreciate them from afar, we don’t act like groupies and wild fanatics. A reason behind could be what Orven, the vocalist of SaTI said in his blog post, to quote,

“Cebuanos tend to think that whatever anyone does on stage, he can do better. And even if he clearly can’t outdo the performance even in his head, he still won’t show that he’s impressed at all.”

sheila and the insects ian zafraWe just got starstruck at this guy who has an MTV video

I’ve spent so many hours with friends and even alone here. Countless of times I’ve jammed with bands playing, stoned or not stoned. I brought a date here on the first night and because it was kind of empty on a Sunday night, and the only other people were Budoy and his friends, we had the opportunity to make out. Hahahaha … I brought non-Cebu friends here and liked the place; they keep badgering me every time they come back here in Cebu to bring me to Outpost. I met George and Izzy of http://www.wherethetravels.com/, people of Travel 101, RoadRev, 350.org, and plenty of bands. I’ve spent nights drunk bike driving because of too many intoxicating drinks offered by friends left and right.

You, what will you miss in this place?

Photo credits: some photos by Charito Tan

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  1. I’ll be commenting off topic but I saw you comment on my blog, and can’t help myself to say, I love your new theme!! Bongga!!

  2. lakbay says:

    wow thanks a lot ada! coming from a bigatin travel blogger, i’m so plattered. hehehehe…

  3. I am no way bigaten lols hehe. Nainggit ako bigla parang gusto ko ulet ng new theme =))

  4. Penfires! says:

    - comment hijack, non post related –
    dwin I just have to say this, your new site look is super divalicious through and through! Ikaw na ang diva dyud! ^_^

  5. lakbay says:

    looooooooooooooooooooool. thanks cille! :P

  6. chyrel says:

    I was there last night and how come I didn’t see you. Well, if you went there, that is. I will The Outpost.

    I miss those times where Handuraw and Kahayag were still in Mabolo. God. I miss those.

    Nanaghan na gyug ang mga alcohology ani. Haha.

  7. lakbay says:

    chyrel!!!!!!!! wa ko ka adto kay perte nakong kaon og dukot pagka gabii, gihatag tanan sa karinderia ilang dukot nako, perte nakong habhab hahahaha… gasakit lagi ako tiyan. nag tinker nalang ko’s akong website :P

    yeah, those were the days. :(

  8. chyrel says:

    Mata pa man ko ato nya you were crying like a bitch in fb on how hungry you were. Haha! Ka igat na sa imong site oi. Nindot ang new make-over.

  9. nathalie says:

    I will surely miss the outpost.. asa nman bag o nga tambayan ron? btw nice imong theme ron.

  10. lakbay says:

    ambot mangita pa, mura mi’g na orphaned hahahaha… thanks nat!

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