It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

As travel blogger, I fully support DOT’s social media strategy of promoting our tourism through Here are my collected photos over time. I had fun making them. Enjoy!

A trail to Balay sa Agta in Argao Cebu. I’d mention Christine whose blog about Balay sa Agta made this death-defying spelunking trip possible.

Taken during RoadRev June 12, 2011. But this usually happens when Pacquiao fights, right?

About 15 feet below water off Pescador island, I saw this flashing jellyfish which the sardines swam to its lights. Much like us dancing under disco lights. Hahaha.

In the vegetable basket of Cebu, Mantalongon Dalaguete. He’s a trying hard vegetarian.

The world famous Panglao beach resort. Wouldn’t you agree this would be the greatest backyard ever?

Talk about getting nudged by a whale shark as big as a multicab. Here’s an entry about Whale Sharks in Oslob.

About 20 feet below the depths off Pescador Island, this underwater haven is the oval of sardine runs.

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  1. hahahaha i love the last one! ANGKULET LANG

  2. Penfires! says:

    Lol on the pacquiao fight hehehe let’s have pacman fight pirme para we have vehicle-free streets! ^_^

    On the veggie, dwin basin 1 meter ra nimo napas-an ang bukag? joke hehe

  3. dong ho says:

    kulit ng being mistaken for food. hahaha… nakasuway diay kag buhat atong mga gulay.

    ganda ng kuha sa panglao.

  4. Drew says:

    So yun pala yung fish na namiss naming makita sa Pescador!

    Nice collection Dwin!

  5. this makes me wanna create a collection of my own… ang kulit lang… saya! hehehe! ^_^

  6. lakbay says:

    @ron: honga angkulet ng whale shark! hahaha
    @cille: mao, hawan jud kalsada. nakalakaw sad ko’g mga 1.2 meters uy. hahahaha…
    @dongho: o, katong nag research mi about the setup of mantalongon market. and thanks!
    @drew: yah, the jellyfish i was talking about. thanks!

  7. Earl says:

    Kusgan kaaayo ka sa 4th pic bai.Hahaha! Nindota sa Bohol Beach Club oi!

  8. kulit ng mistaken for food!! hahaha.. buti hindi sya tinuluyang lunukin..

    sana maexperience ko din makipaglaro sa butanding ngayong taon.

  9. Lagalag says:

    My favorite among your versions of More Fun in the Philippines is the Backyard. It invites the the one looking at it to experience fun in Philippine beaches. Thanks for posting this. Keep up making our new slogan viral on the internet.


  10. lakbay says:

    @earl: pila ra na ka steps akong gilakaw hahaha… pyter jud bitaw sa BBC.
    @joan: honga! maghohost cebu PTB sayo hehehehehe…
    @lagalag: thanks!
    @gaye: yeah, and zero crime rate too! hehehe..

  11. spiky says:

    nice to promote the showcase of Pinas. pero nakakatakot pa rin ang hiking na nasa pic mo. palpitating.

  12. zhequia says:

    hilarious! mistaken for food!! :P amaw man ka edca uy!

  13. LOL at the second to the last pic! Yan pala yung sinasabi ni Edcel na lumapit talaga sayo yung whale hehe :D kung araw-araw may laban si Pacman, maaayos talaga ang crime and traffic problem sa pinas LOL

  14. lakbay says:

    @spiky: medyo nakakatakot siya, pero hindi naman talaga na parang ma heart attack ka hahahaha…
    @emzh: gi sungag ko’s tuki.
    @micamyx!: tama!

  15. Corrine says:

    Ang ganda ng pictures! Iyak siguro after being nudged by that whale shark. :D

  16. spiky says:

    musta ka pare?

    bisita galing bicol. :)

  17. joselle says:

    mistaken for food indeed! I would love to swim with that whale!!!

  18. kristine c. says:

    Like! astig yung laser lights. hmmmm. yung Crowded, pwede rin sa land :D

  19. wow…astig po ng mga collections nyo…lalo na un crowded…hehehe..

  20. hahahaha . Love the Pacquiao Fight photo. Crowded manila turns to zombieland. It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines! Wonderful!

  21. lakbay says:

    @corrine: my heart almost leapt out of my mouth. :)
    @spiky: ok lang naman :)
    @joselle: i’m sad to say that there are times the whale sharks don’t appear anymore…
    @kristine c: sakit na akong dunggan pagkuha aning jellyfish na nag siga siga, lawom na ayo. :)
    @brian: thanks!
    @makati vacation rental: plugger much? hahahahaha…

  22. Definitely it’s more fun in the philippines

  23. Vernon Go says:

    na warla kos 1st photo da! pero other wise choiiie kaayo bai!

  24. Kathleen says:

    These are very funny :)
    But the first one, I find the funniest, kasi hawak hawak pa niya yung water bottle at bag as if it needs more protection than him!

  25. lakbay says:

    @vernon go: thanks!
    @idol: try natin yan! punta po kayo dito sa cebu, sasamahan ko kayo hehehehe
    @kathleen: hahaha! honga! thanks for dropping by!

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