Genesis Valley: Ideal for Team Building

Genesis Valley Cebu


In the outskirts of Talamban, Cebu City, bordering the town of Consolacion, Cebu, there you can find Genesis Valley. To be more precise, it is already part of Cabangahan, a barangay of Consolacion, Cebu.

How To Get There

The best way to get to Genesis Valley is by going first to Pit-os, Talamban. From Cebu city, you need to find jeepneys that goes to Pit-os. Most jeepneys with route numbers 62B and 62C goes to Pit-os, and sometimes, 13C enterprising drivers. If you don not know where to find these jeepneys, you can catch them in Ayala, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Gorordo, and I can not remember the rest.

When you reach Pit-os, where the jeepney makes its final stop for the route, you can get off (of course you would have to get off otherwise the driver would look at you as if you were from outer space). From there, you can hire a habal-habal and tell the driver you are going to Genesis Valley. It will not cost you more than twenty pesos. If the driver is asking for more, he is already swindling you. :)

Jeeps usually stop at the Christian Life Assembly junction. You can get off here and ride a habal-habal and go left. When you turn left, it is actually a steep slope you need to climb with a habal-habal, and it is fairly steep. In the map it does not indicate that it is going up as it is two-dimensional. Of course. Or you must be hallucinating.

Then you turn left again and the road isn’t straight, like what the map suggests. The road is a rocky one and inexperienced two-wheeled vehicle drivers may have difficulty navigating through the slippery and depressed parts. Upon reaching a sort of dead-end, you would turn left again and you’ll pass by a small bridge. You’ll have to travel about a hundred meters more before reaching the place.

If you like adventure for your team building, you can make an amazing race among the group and see who arrives there first. A team in my company did this and they had so much fun.

Features of the Place

First off, the beauty of Genesis Valley is primarily because of its remoteness — away from the hustles and bustles of the city. Away from pollution, and away from stress. Here you can smell the provincial air, chill, and relax.

It has a wide, big space, as what you can see from the picture above. Very ideal for camping or that sort of thing. We played frisbee on the field and it was exhausting. The area was just too big for the four of us playing. There were horses too that sort of watched us when we played, they may have fancied themselves to be dogs and dreaming to catch those flying saucers.

There’s a swimming pool with complementing jacuzzis. There’s a slide about one storey in height. However, it was quite dangerous if you go very fast. The wall is not quite high, and the curves are quite sharp. So when you slide and go through a curve, you almost go over the wall and get catapulted outside of the slide. I actually tried and it golly, I almost slipped out!

Beside the green bermuda field, there’s a hall where you could have some activities. It can hold about fifty people, and can serve as a shelter in case it rains. Well the tents are waterproof so there’s actually no need. There is also a playground for kids, and for those who feel like kids.


We flagged a big 13C jeepney along Archbishop Reyes Avenue and hired it on the spot. As it was a Sunday and there were only a few passengers, we got the jeepney after waiting for only about fifteen minutes. There were about twenty of us and the driver agreed to take us to this place thirty pesos per head.

When we were there, we did some grill, played frisbee, swam in the pool, and had some sound trip in the evening with Generoso to match the occasion.

The next day, I left early as I had a class nine in the morning. I walked all the way from the place to the corner of the new subdivision gate, and it was quite a long walk. There were no habal-habal until I reached that corner.

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  5. Zandro says:

    Its good to know that theres a place like this in the heart of Cebu City. Its remoteness is really conducive for rest and relaxation. Thanks for this one!

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    30 FOR 30 MINS. .
    50, for long hours stay..

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