False Tsunami Alarm in Cebu City Causing Panic

Hundreds of people were running about in the major thoroughfares of Cebu City. From Osmeña boulevard, Colon street, IT Park, Apas, and several more, people were in pandemonium: running in this direction to another; like a scene in an action-packed movie.

Why did this happen?

Prior to the tsunami scare, there was an earthquake that shook the ground for about 30 seconds. Everybody felt it for sure, as there were buildings that were clearly swaying when the tremors took place. Minutes after, a tsunami warning was issued and sea level was closely observed.

Then there were circulated rumors and text messages that water levels rose and tsunami hit Cebu city already. Sunstar Cebu reported that the rumor was traced to ” the reports on the rise of seawater in the coastal village of Ermita in Cebu City” which according to Alejandro Galledo of Barangay Ermita, the “seawaters rose after a fastcraft passed by the area”. (the report can be read here)

This pandemonium and unnecessary stress could have been avoided if presence of mind and alertness should be heeded by everybody. Personally, I was stressed out when people were running amok shouting as if it was the end of the world.

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  1. zhequia says:

    People need to deal things better than just run around like a madman. Ignorance kills. It’s annoying that even the barker of the jeep I was riding to work today jokingly said, “Sakay na kay maabtan tag Tsunami!” It wasn’t funny at all. I wish I kicked him in the ‘nads when I had the chance.

  2. PT says:

    here’s something I did that might be useful to many since most of us are online everywhere anyway. I checked for the epicenter (USGS website and google earth), i saw it was tanon straight near moalboal even nearest La Libertad (Negros). So, I kept my ease kay impossible makaluyo ang tsunami via Mantalongon and the central Cebu mountain ranges. Then I told everyone I can to get hold of their ugly selves wailing and running or making some frantic calls hehe

  3. dong ho says:

    hahaha… panic nga mga tao. buti na lang at ganun lang. kagabi puro amature videos pinapanood ko sa earthquake sa sugbo.

  4. Riot on the streets! Thankfully, it was just a rumor. Glad you guys are safe :)

  5. Tyler says:

    I heard about the earthquake and I was worried about some friends who were based there in Cebu. Thank God they were safe.

    I guess the panic is a result of the lack of a contingency plan in times of disaster. You guys should pressure your officials to come up with one.

  6. spiky says:

    after our typhoon struck here in 2006, someone started a prank about the incoming tsunami. most people in the coastal who heard the news really believed. they suddenly evacuated. and the crooks took the chance to steal in houses. good thing for me i didnt buy the story, we have an island in front of us that would shield in case of tsunami. but it never came.

  7. lakbay says:

    @emzh: grabeh pod ka. yagbols man jud tirada hahahahaha… pero ako pod ganahan ko manipa atong mga tawo sa kalsada bad trip kaayo ko.
    @pT: mao jod!
    @dong: lolz. parang sine lang naman!
    @gaye: thanks!
    @tyler: yeah!
    @spiky: there are people that capitalises on hysteria. we need to be wary of them.

  8. Jie says:

    It is more fun in the Philippines.

  9. marjan says:

    Afther those tsunamis people afraid of all small waves… But panic can be dengerous like tsunami to….Someone must take care about that…

  10. Dapat ang mga tao lagi handa sa mga sakuna na pwede mangyari sa atin paligid..

  11. Dwin. For me alarm although its false, still people should always be prepared for any disasters to come.:-).

  12. chyng says:

    acdg sa joke ng taga Cebu – it was mistaken for Chona-May (tsuna-mi) hahaha good joke. at least hindi totoo yung chona-mae ^_^

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