Dating a Traveler

to bantayan

It was cloudy and hazy that one afternoon.

The orange sky was slowly brushed with shades of gray – light at first, but slowly turned dark as if the Maker painted uncertainty fading into oblivion.

The heavens finally covered itself with its looming black veil. Its thickness seeped into our bones. The engine that hummed seemed out of sync with the splashing of the waves. Like our love that seemed to be erratic and off-course.

The stars came popping out one by one in this moonless night, as if giving a tiny glimmer of light and hope to these rather uncertain moments. Moments that would dictate the following days of our trip. Moments that would define who we are. Moments, that would be part of us forever.

Despite the goddess Time and her Paladin of steel leaving us, and despite the discouraging angels and stalling demons released to stop us, we trudged on aided by the blinding faith in love. They beat our frail and corporeal bodies but no, they couldn’t  beat the devotion we have for each other. We transcended from our mortal bodies and became gods ourselves.

Ultimately we won. For love and goodness always prevail.

The unforgiving blackness of the sky turned into a beautiful canvas of black cloth with shiny diamonds randomly scattered about. The wind became still and the water turned calm. Fate finally gave in to the inevitable. Us.

In acknowledgment we held hands as we laid down on our backs on a diminutive boat bobbing up and down in this vast sea. We held hands as we saw the glowing stars and the immensity of space in front of our faces. We held hands as the tiny but brave vessel was inching its way to paradise island.

Mysterious luminescent lights on the waters flickered on and off, telling us we were on the right course. Even the wind was slowly blowing us towards our direction, as if in a hurry to see how the story unfolds. Everything seems to be in sync now, even the beatings of our very hearts.

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  1. Christina says:

    Geez, Dwin. Quite the romanticist.

    I see flying hearts all over you. Allow me to sprinkle some mozarella.

  2. Brenna says:

    Kilig! :)) alam na!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh! kinikilig ako! I’m such a fan of your romantic tryst. Hihi. Pangalanan na yan :P

  4. Drew says:

    Ahihihi! Pulo’t gata :D

  5. Earl says:


  6. Inspired na inspired. Parang alam ko na to *winks*

  7. hahahahahahaha! Sino ba yun? Chos! :P I am happy for you and I really hope we can meet somewhere. Dream ko maki 3rd wheel sa inyo :P

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