RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off)

What is RoRo or Roll-on Roll-off? It is basically a mode of transportation designed to carry wheeled vehicles such as cars, trucks, cargo trucks, trailers, etc. over a body of water, i.e. sea. The actual transportation is a ship that is designed differently from passenger ships so as to accommodate its unique cargo. Usually the ship has a ramp on the front that serves as the entrance for the vehicles to embark.

It serves as a “moving bridge” for those vehicles because it literally bridges one island to another. The passengers need not get off their respective vehicles, creating the illusion of just “passing the bridge” although in this case, without the actual movement of their vehicle.

In the Philippines,  this is very advantageous as it is an archipelago. Major cities and island provinces has benefited from this mode of transportation in a number of ways.

  1. Travel time has been cut short; Mindanao land trip via the Strong Republic Nautical Highway (SRNH) either through Western RNH or Central RNH route to Luzon would take 24 hours compared to 36 before;
  2. Fare and transportation costs has been significantly reduced, benefiting traders and consequently the consumers as prices of goods lower;
  3. Convenience and easy access for passengers in going places to places within the Philippines;
  4. Travelers and backpackers would have an alternative way of enjoying the Philippine scenery as they just need to hop on a bus that would travel through the different places in the Philippines. Though if I would have an amphibious rv I would not board a ro-ro.

Though I am a strong critic of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, this is one of the significant projects I admit, has a big impact on our industry and economy.

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  1. sterndal says:

    so that’s the meaning of RORO? roll on-roll off. now i know LOL

    kaso di pa rin ako sasakay jan hehehhe

    kakatakot gusto ko super ferry :)

  2. Same with sterndal, im also happy to know what the word actually means. So does this mean that you can now virtually travel everywhere in the Philippines with your own vehicle?

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