Adventurous Feet – A fellow PTB and a budget traveler; her site is a mine of information from the prices down to the contact numbers of the locals or resorts. If you are about to go on a budget trip, consult this site first!

BackPack Philippines – As what its name suggests, it gives tips on budget travel here in the Philippines. The author is an enginner slash information security manager, slash technical writer, masquerading as a travel blogger, and stays anonymous.

Cebu Road Trip – Maintained by a friend of mine, this cool looking site helps you get around Cebu, know what’s the latest in food trips and events.

Chasing Philippines – a fellow PTB who is a photo enthusiast, budget traveler, and a big fan of life! She’s single by the way. You might want to invite her on a trip – the easiest way to her heart. *grin*

Con Tour Blog – This Civil Engineer sitting in an enclosed office (as in a bank) don’t seem to just content himself with sitting on a swivel chair. Living in Bukidnon, he explores the scenery of Mindanao and shares his experiences. Along with pictures.

Doi Speaks! - A very good companion and friend of mine. I suspect she gave up a regular employment job so that she could travel and work at the same time. Hehehe.

Flipnomad – HAIL THE PTB FOUNDER! Your guide to budget travel, this anonymous blogger has helped a hundred and one travelers out there. One of his posts Top 10 Misadventures were adventurous misadventures. One such instance was he got lost biking and ended up in a National Park, Northern Thailand. He could have met a tiger or other carnivorous hunters, and we wouldn’t have a flipnomad. Knock on wood.

Happy Philippines – By an “anonymous” blogger, this blog talks about travel, culture, and lifestyle.

Inside Southeast Asia – Planning to backpack Southeast Asia? You may want to check out this site!

Lakwatsera de Primera – PTB member and a beautiful morena; she blogs the two sides of the coin that entices the reader to explore more, or stay out. She was labeled as Lakwatsera de Primera by her lola, and she lives by that moniker. Well not in the negative sense. :)

Lostboy Lloyd – PTB member and an introspective guy; he tries to hide his identity online for the same reason I do. His posts doesn’t only give you information, but gives you something to think about.

Philippine Travel – wants to awaken your inner explorer by providing valuable information to guide you in your adventures.

Philippine Travel Notes – An anonymous blogger, and a well traveled one. He has a good list for itinerary of cities, municipalities, and provinces. As if the entire Philippines has been covered like a book, and has been meticulously written down on his traveler notes.

Philippine Wanderer – Adventures of a plain Jane in the Philippines – from food trips to beach destinations to hotel stay-cations.

Pinay Solo Backpacker – PTB member living up to her nom de guerre, she travels alone but most importantly without any hesitation or holding back; she has the knack of capturing photos that coax you to go the places she laid her eyes on (or her lenses on, for that matter).

Pinay Travel Junkie – PTB member and a beautiful mom to Luna. Even during her pregnancy stage, she still managed to trudge the pilgrim’s path of fulfillment – criscrossed the contours of this archipelagic country without batting an eyelash.

Pondering Paodaolei – PTB member who has a knack with words. She writes her travels as if she was singing – her texts as lyrics describing the texture and emotion of the place, of the situation.

Senyorita – One of my good friends in the PTB community, this spirited gal has carved her name in the blogging community. Check out her site and travel with her with style!

Solitary Wanderer – Tales and tips from a solo traveler in the Philippines and beyond.

Suroy Pilipinas – The Cebuano Visaya version for “travel Philippines”; based in Bukidnon but born in Bohol, the author blogs helpful tips, places and resort for people who wants to have a getaway.

The Shades of Grey – Travel photographer and a PTB Bagets member; I don’t find this software engineer who is a woman (girl power!) geeky. Hailing from Dumaguete, we find ourselves talking in Bisaya in the midst of tagalogs. Hehehe.

The Travelling Feet – The travel blog of, she’s been with me and Soloflighted on numerous trips! Our Cebu PTB tandem is unbeatable!

Friends Online and Offline

Abigail Abanilla - A Christian writer who writes technical stuff I half-understand; she’s about to be a CISCO certified so if you don’t do technical IT stuff prepare your hankies and bucket of ice.

All about Davao – An online friend who blogs about the queen city of the far south, Davao!

Curious Corrine – Catching curiosity one post at a time, that’s her tagline. This chic blogger has been blogging for over 11 years already!

Kristine Cuer – A site I’m officially stalking! Thanks to her I get to see a very good Bollywood film 3 Idiots.  By the way, if you stalk and you’re not official, you may get Capoiera’d!

Macky – A fellow kadugong Bol-anon, he blogs about himself as a Christian, a com eng graduate, and of course a techie.

Opinions of a Young Lass and Simple Yet Rock – An online friend in Cebu who’s an SEO specialist and an oDesker fellow like myself.

Penfires – A fellow Cebuano blogger who claims she doesn’t want to miss a photo-op, yet I see her pictures informative and helpful!

SEO Philippines – A good friend of mine who has shaped my political outlook; now, he’s my source of SEO tips and tricks.

Wena’s rants! – A good friend of mine that gave me this site to manage for FREE. the catch? blog in gay lingua/style/theme which I’m obviously failing.

You may want to be included in this blogroll! Email me at diva at lakbaydiva dhot com!

*picture lifted without permission from PTB FB. couldn’t find any PTB logo. thanks james hehehehe.

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