The Legend of Biringan City

UPDATE: We have a commenter nicknamed Toanaks claiming to come from Biringan city or what they call,  “Mahaniha” (googled it and came up with Arabic texts). Toanaks provides more insight what their city is all about, as well as their culture. It is up to the reader to decide, but Toanaks gave us a good message: Gaea is at her weakest, we must preserve our mother earth. Check out Toanaks’ comments below.


At the onset of our Samar travel together with Epic Potato and Wandering Dylan, our main aim was to get to the mysterious Biringan City.

We scoured the web for any information about this place, but we got a few information and mostly were hearsay.

Some people in Samar haven’t heard of Biringan city. We noticed that it’s the middle-aged or the elderly who knows about the place and warn us not to go there.

Here’s why.

The katiguwangans (elderly) near the place say that Biringan city is inhabited with people of the early times. Specifically, the first people. They have long been dead, but for some reason, they are still present in this place. They are responsible for disappearances and other unexplained phenomena that surround this island.

Some Stories Told To Us

Sometimes, at night, they would see the entire island lit up, as if it was an advanced city, thus its moniker Biringan city.

A doctor from Gandara went to the place and told his companions that he noticed a huge castle on the island. However, his friends didn’t see it. On the way home, the doctor just turned pale and died for no apparent reason.

People have disappeared from that place on excursions without a trace. They have been searched  on this tiny island, but no bodies were found. Nobody lives here as everybody is afraid; if somebody does, old people would warn and prevent that person to do so.

A car company had a shipment of a thousand cars and arrived in Samar. They were looking for Biringan city as it was in the manifesto, but nobody knew where it is. The katiguwangans then directed the delivery man to an island off Pagsanghan, where they believe is where the fictitious city exists. Nobody knew what happened to the cars next.

Their Warnings

A person who doesn’t have a philtrum (the medial cleft between your upper lip and nose) is said to be a resident of Biringan city. If you meet such person either in Gandara, Pagsanghan, or on the way to the island, never go with him or her. You would disappear without a trace.

The place is just full of mangroves and vegetation. If you see something grandiose like a castle, never acknowledge that you’ve seen it. Don’t say anything to anybody otherwise the Biringan residents will get you and you will die.


Fate had it that we don’t die just yet. It was five in the afternoon when we arrived in Gandara from caving in Matuguinao and there were no more pumpboats we can hire to get there.

It was a disappointment so we just contented ourselves with the stories they told us.

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  1. toanaks says:

    To Ashersheen–

    What confusion do I create? Have I told you to believe in something or deny anything of what you have learned throughout your existence? Balance of nature brother, fyi I mean no disrespect but we are all interconnected in someways. whatever happens to your world will affect us just the same. our line of history in your world is deeper than how you perceive things by reading books or surfing the net for that matter. Sometimes we do feel to let it go and let everything happens just the way they should because of those egoistically people who thinks they know everything cause of some manifesto or thesis which they have read somewhere. I am not here to present to you what our people have done to make everything right in this world long even before you were just a dream inside your ancestors mind. Please read it line by line you might learn something, this is not just another textbook talking but ages and ages of experience.
    Ashersheen brother you are but just one voice of many whom we have come to love. That is why we are still in contact with some of your people on how to turn the tides of time and prepare. I guess if you don’t like what you see then turnaround and just look the other way, at least for me I am here cause the author talks about our world and I am just clarifying some things. If you really are concern in the world you live I hope you are doing something about it and if you are accept my biggest thanks! :D Don’t worry little by little we are trying to hide from the shadows, slowly we are fading from your world. But our elders loved you much that they are willing to sacrifice things for YOU and your people.
    Please balance of nature- WE ARE ALL INTERTWINED, PROTECT YOUR WORLD WHICH CO-EXIST WITH OURS BY THAT TIME THEN YOU HAVE JUSTIFIED YOUR BALNCE OF NATURE. thank you for your comment and you have a nice day :D

  2. ashersheen says:

    @Toanaks, Im sure you understand where I’m coming from, right? What you are telling us is way out of the ordinary. It would sure create confusions, fear and curiousity amongst men. Why do you have access or the so called portals when we don’t have anything? What are you guys?

    I don’t wanna be a hyprocrite. I haven’t done much yet to protect the world but at least I am not making it worst and I do acknowledge that it’s really not doing good… or wait, why don’t you just cast a spell to humans to do the right thing? that would be cool. :D and it would solve a lot of our problems here. hehe

    On the contrary, I do get the message that you are trying to imply. You mean no harm and I know that you are not forcing us to believe you but what do you expect from us? Just sit here and be passive about it? hmm.. that’s too boring. :P

    Well, I am excited as to what you can offer and I would love to hear more about your thoughts. I guess I’m gonna hang around for some time here reading your comments and others as well. This is really interesting. And I hope you won’t let us wait for a year. haha. We might forget that this thing existed.

    Have a great day! :P

  3. Prince says:


    natutuwa ako ang namamangha sa mga kwento mo tungkol sa mundo neo.

  4. Prince says:

    hayaan mo na yan sa ashersheen. maraming mga taong nde open minded… minsan mahirap tanggapin ang mga bagay na nde saklaw ng ating kaalaman. nde ko sinasabing naniniwala ako o nde. binubuksan ko lng ang aking isapan sa maraming possiblities.

  5. Prince says:

    kng pde mag usap tayu sa email eto email add ko

  6. GINO CANOY says:

    @toanaks… long time no hear… you are feeding more traffic again to this site :D Continue your passion toanaks, you have good words and you can make your self productive out of it… see you around… :D

  7. Enyari says:

    Close thread

  8. JRT says:

    Hello Toanaks. I practically grew up in Catbalogan Samar and I’ve been hearing the existence of your world since childhood. You see, my lola is from Pagsanghan Samar and she used to tell us enchanting and a bit scary stories from your world. So whenever we go to Pagsanghan during fiestas, I can’t help but feel mystefied in a good way. I there any way like, I have seen or talked to one of your likes before? The thought makes me really excited :)My father also told me that his Great Grandfather allegedly possessed an Agimat which makes him waterproof and makes his head glow at night.I’m enchanted to know you and your people more :) I really want to write a book and if you don’t mind, I’ll include some of your(your people’s, that is) ways as one of the inspirations for my novel. I’m afraid it is too late for me to get a reply from you. But if you are still there, please do contact me here.Say something please. I’ll be waiting

  9. This article just proves how irresponsible we, humans, are. Toanaks existence isn’t the issue here. Real or unreal, we all MUST DO SOMETHING to make this world that we live in a BETTER PLACE. Try to look at the previous comments. We got stirred up with the concept of a superhuman’s existence rather than doing something that will lessen the effects nature’s toll on us.

  10. Diva says:

    wow, thanks melvin. that’s a very profound insight you got there.

  11. JohnBlackstar says:

    I can’t help but visualize Toanak’s world as somewhat comparable to the world of the Na’Vi in the film Avatar.

  12. Sierra Jones says:


    If you are really from Biringan City….who is Carolina and Maita Gomez?
    Am sure you a familiar with these famous personalities from Biringan City…describe them and how they were able to get into Biringan City….pag di mo nasagot yan..hahaha peke ka na taga Biringan…

  13. sleepless says:


    Did you ever get a chance to meet “Ben Usay Ngipon”? He traveled a lot in the Visayas region. Can you tell me more about “SD”? What is your civilization’s role in SD’s grand plans for all of humanity?

  14. JohnBlackstar says:

    Sierra Jones,

    What’s with Carolina and Maita Gomez?

  15. Derick_G says:

    @Toanaks -there is no such thing as FREE ENERGY…the premise of free energy violates the laws of Physics as we know it today. There are cheap and abundant energy sources such as wind, sun and maybe Cold Fusion in the future. Nikola Tesla did not create a FREE ENERGY device…this belief stemmed out of conspiracy theorists and their ignorance of how the Tesla Wardenclyffe facility works. For somebody claiming supernatural nature as you do, you should at least verify your information before you post them and avoid being branded as a fake, which we already know you are.

  16. curiosity says:

    @toanaks-you must be some kind of an ancient alien.haha. but why biringan or central samar? may nabasa akong article dati but i forgot the name na. its about a survey conducted by a joint japanese-filipino cooperation in an area somwhere in between san jorge and pagsanghan samar (the area where sightings of the said enchanted city is prevalent) for purposes of developments ata un. they found out that there’s a large deposit of uranium daw in that area. if it’s true, is uranium something to do with why your people chose biringan as a portal?

  17. lennie says:

    Yo! Toanaks..just askin if we can marry one of your kind but prefer to live not in your “world”…can u engkantos bear a child to human? Just curious coz i feel am a daughter of an engkanto..

  18. lennie says:

    Can u do me a favor dear….kindly convey my warm regards to my younger brother Dennis who’s already with u in Biringan. I saw him on his birthday riding a motorboat in the river of pagsanghan on my way home to catb after attending the town fiesta last feb 21 this year. Do tell my brother thank u for always being there with me mostly for always protecting me. I love him and misses him a lot. I wanna hug to him personally. I wont run promise. He dont need to disguise. I know the little frog who is always with me in my house is no doubt my over.protective brother. Please let him talk to me in human form..he is my own brother..i wanna hug him tight. Am pleading…let him talk to me in my house as i have seen his shadow watching over me.

  19. saheyhlo says:

    kilala ko si toanaks pag didisguise siya in human form, search gilbert illustre yap in fb, he is TOOANAKS and yes he is from biringan

  20. lennie says: doubt you’re from biringan too….well..obviously he’s indeed from that place as he has no philtrum in all his pictures…but my oh my he’s so cute and so young

  21. ashersheen says:

    You guys are creeping me out! Lol

  22. Mia says:


  23. saheyhlo says:

    sorry may pinuntahan lang ako saglit, @ lennie hindi ako taga biringan pero hindi din ako taga dito. kilala ako ni toanaks , kilalang kilala. hindi ako dugong bughaw gaya ni toanaks.

  24. lennie says:

    …and what kind of friend are you…you divulge his true identity..kawawa naman can he enjoy now his privacy…ngaung alam na ng ilan na isa siyang engkanto…unless if he has power to change his look.

  25. saheyhlo says:

    @lennie kilala niya ako pero hindi ibig sabihin nun magkaibigan na kami.

  26. lennie says:

    @saheyhlo..since u got connection with engkantos..wonder if ya know my younger bro who i believe already one of’s dad was fetched by the engkantos riding horses…after younger bro’s death..some white ladies fetched me while i was all alone at home with high fever…screamed so hard and kicked them…wonder if the engkanto suitor of mom in her high school days impregnated mom

  27. lennie says:

    Mom’s teaching assignment before was in her hometown-pagsanghan and she was all alone in their ancestral house while tatay was with my two elder sisters in our city…mom was with them during weekends only…i grow up na malau loob ng tatay q ckn…could i possibly b a daughter of mom’s former suitor who was an engkanto….

  28. lennie says:

    @saheyhlo….if you’re not from biringan nor from this planet earth…am sure yar from heaven…and yar none other than my younger brother Dennis…are you?

  29. pieces007 says:

    @Toanaks, I admire your wisdom and knowledge, and I will not dare compare my meager ability.

    as you stated here:

    “6. We have strictly followed a long tradition when it come to living our lives. We never changed!”

    with no disrespect, aren’t you placing your “Amaam” in harms way? It may seem like from where you came from, it has the same nature that coincides with Philippine society where some sons and daughters of “Officials” always get away with trouble (you be my guest in citing examples). If you are not indeed human, then at least you have a trait of being a Filipino with what you are enjoying (getting away with breaking rules) right now which really makes me think that you are as warm as we are and will bleed the same way as us.

    I can just imagine you smiling somewhere in reading all these replies in a whimsical way but then I really admire the message that you convey here.

    It’s never really about proving existences, its about our choice on what to believe and which to pursue. Toanaks is pointing us to the obvious perils that we exchange for convenience and turn blind eyes on, which I too am very guilty about.

    Hope to hear from you soon. (if you have not yet been caught by your kind)

  30. A.M.E.B says:

    @Toanaks Alam ko napakatagal natong post na to. pero sa sobrang curiosity ko po sa Biringan napadpad ako dito sa site na to. Since 2013 pa ako namamangha sa mga kwento tungkol dito at di ko maikakaila na nagreresearch talaga ako ng proof. Pero nung nabasa ko lahat ng comments mo. Namangha po ako sobra. Mahirap man paniwalaan para sa marami pero lahat ng sinabi mo lalong nagbukas sa isip ko. Hindi ko alam kung mababasa mo pa to pero gusto ko magpasalamat sayo at sa mga sinabi mo. Alam ko napaka buti mong nilalang dahil may puso ka para ipaunawa sa amin ang mga bagay bagay. Salamat din sa concern mo sa sangkatauhan. Pagpasensyahan mo nalang yung mga di nakakaunawa. Pero ako naniniwala ako sayo at sa mga sinabi mo. Pagpalain ka nawa.

  31. Rodrigo says:

    Dear Toanaks,good day to you and to everybody who are visiting this site to exchange potpourri of ideas.I do really feel sad to those who are still skeptics about the existence of the other world,like your world.Before going further,it is my pleasure to read your eloquent messages just now and I am really astounded of the ideas and details of who,whats, hows and whys pertaining your world and your identity more especially the imminent catastrophic situation of the world we live in.I have been searching for more infos regarding Biringan city and I felt so lucky today to bump to this site just this morning.I felt so honored to convey my message to you and to the people who may read this also.You know,when i read your messages I immediately remembered the messages too of Omnec Onec,the woman from Venus,a reminder to mankind of its GREED that resulted to the destruction of the mother nature and consequently will surely be the cause of the total destruction of mankind likewise.I know that what will happen to us will affect also your world and you,its people.I know that you are shied away to put things that are gonna to happen (hakuna matana in Lion King movie) on hold since you are only allowed to remind and and give advice to us mortals on how to change our evil ways.Every people here on earth,the lowly and the elites (more credit to the elites and the corrupt government officials and politicians) is responsible for everything that leads to the total wipe out of humankind.Could we not join hands to alter the things that are supposed to happen? I mean,not physical in terms because I know we cannot do that but by spreading words and gradually changing the minds and ideas of those corrupted ones and will opt to do good in the future.I know that you and your world has already a blueprint,as I call it,the imminent wrath and punishment of our mother nature to us plus the manipulation of the evil elites to cause more death and destruction to the world population.Is it still possible for these people to quit from what they have started and put everything back for the benefits of all mankind? Perhaps I have gone too far but please let me have a throwback.During my childhood I heard already a lot of stories about “enchanted people (engkanto or talisman as per your terminology)” and according to our ancestors and elders they live thrive,live or dwell in “balete or dakit” trees.Everytime when I was requested for an errand and when I knew that a path I was going to take was having a “dakit (Cebuano term)” I will pour out a lot of alibis but all of them were no match to “pudlos (a slender rattan cane used by horserider,to hit the horse to make it run or walk faster)” my father was holding.My father taught me to be brave.So, everytime when I walked under the shadow of the tree I can tell the rushing of adrenalin all over my body and felt my head was like a porcupine.When I became teenager,the fear from seeing them (talisman) had changed to longing them.How I wished to see them and visit their world.By the way,I hailed from Masbate,can understand Waray,Ilonggo,Tagalog,fluent in Cebuano,our vernacular(Masbateno) and Arabic.Please let’s continue.One time,my sister had a suitor who was from San Vicente,Samar.He had also a story that in San Vicente (an island too,if I am not mistaken)there were also a lot of “engkantos” and according to him the people there were used already to have “engkantadas” join the “benefit dance” everytime and they will leave before midnight.I felt so fascinated with the story and was really hoping almost in my whole life to meet an “engkantada”.Additional spice to the story:again,according to that same guy,when its moonlit,the people would see herds of cattle and goats grazing on the mountaintops but there was no ranch or whatsoever on that area.My dear Toanaks,is it ok for me to quote what I have read from your message? You said that: “Electricity is free only if it was not privatized by selected fews”….Are you referring this to your world? Can I have one question,please?Is the world of the dwarves or elves (dwendes) different from yours?I have a lot of experiences of their presence,I was sure giving me a test and if I could pass they would befriend me.I knew its them and I passed already some of the test but the last time I was not able to hold anymore my temper I made them upset.I knew they have a form of government in their world and it is interesting to know that they almost know with each other in every corner in the Philippines.Enough for this short message for now….hahaha.My dear Toanaks,please feel free to make comments on my message and to anybody out there.I am using my iphone everytime for messaging and here is my email ad: “”,for my laptop: “”.Thanks so much to all for giving time to read this.GOD loves us and peace to all.GOD is LOVE

  32. eugine says:

    Naalala ko ang place na ito… Bata pa ako at buhay pa ang grand parents ko noon at may nagbebenta ng isda sa amin na taga biringan city… Not remember kung ano name niya pero mabait yun… For all of the stories na nababasa ko sa net about this enchanted city ay parang gusto ko makita ang lugar. I am just being an open-minded person. Hehe

  33. lennie says:

    hi toanaks…any halloween treat for us?

  34. redaros says:

    Out of curiousity i stumbled upon this blog. Reading the comments, kinda creepy and somehow makes you think that humanity is at its lowest point. @toanaks your world is like a nirvana, living life in its simplest form. Definitely a better world than the one we have.

  35. lennie says:

    Are you my younger brother saheyhlo? the fact that you at once come into view the time I was looking for you from toanaks. Why you dont anymore visit me in my dreams as what you used to do since we were kids….why you didnt anymore shield me from these bad people around me..I need you so badly bro…my insane neighbor keep on harrassing me….and the bitch down my house…am not safe living in my dream house…ex hubby still stalking with me…

  36. lennie says:

    got a young white lady housemate since the subdivision where I resides is on top of the mountain but she herself is helpless…and I dont anymore see froggy in my balcony…the little frog who watched my house for 3 yrs already…my protector and playmate….though i shiver with fear from the insanity of my neighbor….but i still manage to play the roar song and girl on fire with maximum volume to let him know that he cannot intimidate me with all his harrassments….

  37. genevieve aponte says:

    I believe I belong to your world.


  38. lennie says:

    Which world Gen?

  39. dylan says:

    Hello toanaks! Just want to let you know I completely believe in everything you say. I just feel it in my heart. And this inter-connectedness, we are all One and we should all have love and compassion for one another. Hope to hear from you toanaks :) I’m a big fan :)

  40. Jaydee says:

    @toanoaks I feel you. there is something in me that I’m not aware of, an energy that resides inside me so I feel entities, from akunatin to this city you speak of come to me, come to me so we may save our planet come to me so we may live on as we are ultimately one organism, one organism of energy, which does not die so come to me come to me today.

  41. Jaydee says:

    @toanaks I feel you. there is something in me that I’m not aware of, an energy that resides inside me so I feel entities, from akunatin to this city you speak of come to me, come to me so we may save our planet come to me so we may live on as we are ultimately one organism, one organism of energy, which does not die so come to me come to me today.

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