The Legend of Biringan City

UPDATE: We have a commenter nicknamed Toanaks claiming to come from Biringan city or what they call,  “Mahaniha” (googled it and came up with Arabic texts). Toanaks provides more insight what their city is all about, as well as their culture. It is up to the reader to decide, but Toanaks gave us a good message: Gaea is at her weakest, we must preserve our mother earth. Check out Toanaks’ comments below.


At the onset of our Samar travel together with Epic Potato and Wandering Dylan, our main aim was to get to the mysterious Biringan City.

We scoured the web for any information about this place, but we got a few information and mostly were hearsay.

Some people in Samar haven’t heard of Biringan city. We noticed that it’s the middle-aged or the elderly who knows about the place and warn us not to go there.

Here’s why.

The katiguwangans (elderly) near the place say that Biringan city is inhabited with people of the early times. Specifically, the first people. They have long been dead, but for some reason, they are still present in this place. They are responsible for disappearances and other unexplained phenomena that surround this island.

Some Stories Told To Us

Sometimes, at night, they would see the entire island lit up, as if it was an advanced city, thus its moniker Biringan city.

A doctor from Gandara went to the place and told his companions that he noticed a huge castle on the island. However, his friends didn’t see it. On the way home, the doctor just turned pale and died for no apparent reason.

People have disappeared from that place on excursions without a trace. They have been searched  on this tiny island, but no bodies were found. Nobody lives here as everybody is afraid; if somebody does, old people would warn and prevent that person to do so.

A car company had a shipment of a thousand cars and arrived in Samar. They were looking for Biringan city as it was in the manifesto, but nobody knew where it is. The katiguwangans then directed the delivery man to an island off Pagsanghan, where they believe is where the fictitious city exists. Nobody knew what happened to the cars next.

Their Warnings

A person who doesn’t have a philtrum (the medial cleft between your upper lip and nose) is said to be a resident of Biringan city. If you meet such person either in Gandara, Pagsanghan, or on the way to the island, never go with him or her. You would disappear without a trace.

The place is just full of mangroves and vegetation. If you see something grandiose like a castle, never acknowledge that you’ve seen it. Don’t say anything to anybody otherwise the Biringan residents will get you and you will die.


Fate had it that we don’t die just yet. It was five in the afternoon when we arrived in Gandara from caving in Matuguinao and there were no more pumpboats we can hire to get there.

It was a disappointment so we just contented ourselves with the stories they told us.

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  1. toanaks says:

    To Ashersheen–

    What confusion do I create? Have I told you to believe in something or deny anything of what you have learned throughout your existence? Balance of nature brother, fyi I mean no disrespect but we are all interconnected in someways. whatever happens to your world will affect us just the same. our line of history in your world is deeper than how you perceive things by reading books or surfing the net for that matter. Sometimes we do feel to let it go and let everything happens just the way they should because of those egoistically people who thinks they know everything cause of some manifesto or thesis which they have read somewhere. I am not here to present to you what our people have done to make everything right in this world long even before you were just a dream inside your ancestors mind. Please read it line by line you might learn something, this is not just another textbook talking but ages and ages of experience.
    Ashersheen brother you are but just one voice of many whom we have come to love. That is why we are still in contact with some of your people on how to turn the tides of time and prepare. I guess if you don’t like what you see then turnaround and just look the other way, at least for me I am here cause the author talks about our world and I am just clarifying some things. If you really are concern in the world you live I hope you are doing something about it and if you are accept my biggest thanks! :D Don’t worry little by little we are trying to hide from the shadows, slowly we are fading from your world. But our elders loved you much that they are willing to sacrifice things for YOU and your people.
    Please balance of nature- WE ARE ALL INTERTWINED, PROTECT YOUR WORLD WHICH CO-EXIST WITH OURS BY THAT TIME THEN YOU HAVE JUSTIFIED YOUR BALNCE OF NATURE. thank you for your comment and you have a nice day :D

  2. ashersheen says:

    @Toanaks, Im sure you understand where I’m coming from, right? What you are telling us is way out of the ordinary. It would sure create confusions, fear and curiousity amongst men. Why do you have access or the so called portals when we don’t have anything? What are you guys?

    I don’t wanna be a hyprocrite. I haven’t done much yet to protect the world but at least I am not making it worst and I do acknowledge that it’s really not doing good… or wait, why don’t you just cast a spell to humans to do the right thing? that would be cool. :D and it would solve a lot of our problems here. hehe

    On the contrary, I do get the message that you are trying to imply. You mean no harm and I know that you are not forcing us to believe you but what do you expect from us? Just sit here and be passive about it? hmm.. that’s too boring. :P

    Well, I am excited as to what you can offer and I would love to hear more about your thoughts. I guess I’m gonna hang around for some time here reading your comments and others as well. This is really interesting. And I hope you won’t let us wait for a year. haha. We might forget that this thing existed.

    Have a great day! :P

  3. Prince says:


    natutuwa ako ang namamangha sa mga kwento mo tungkol sa mundo neo.

  4. Prince says:

    hayaan mo na yan sa ashersheen. maraming mga taong nde open minded… minsan mahirap tanggapin ang mga bagay na nde saklaw ng ating kaalaman. nde ko sinasabing naniniwala ako o nde. binubuksan ko lng ang aking isapan sa maraming possiblities.

  5. Prince says:

    kng pde mag usap tayu sa email eto email add ko

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