I Am a Survivor

Warning to those eating! Some meat with blood images are shown…

below Tops blind curves, on the way back to the city


Fifty kilometers an hour, on a mountain bike.

The adrenaline rush of speed and danger makes one feel vulnerable and invincible at the same time. The dodging of slow, oncoming vehicles struggling uphill, and the cat and mouse chase of motorcycles seamlessly weaving in and out of curves downhill added to our frenzy and lust for speed.

As we rode our bikes down the steep slopes of Busay, Cebu city with my friends and negotiated with the sharp curves and blind curves, there came a steep blind curve where I froze on my tracks. A moment of indecision.

That led me to frantically hit the brakes.

That sent me flying, up in the air; the bike crashed, and i landed with a thud on soft grass and rolled fast down the slope hitting the bottom of a ditch. My head banged on the cement wall of the ditch, and the helmet cracked. If I didn’t have a helmet on, well good thing I did have a helmet.

A few seconds, probably half a minute, I was dazed sitting awkwardly inside the ditch. My face kissing the wall, my body contorted to the U shape of the ditch. I checked my arms and my legs, see if anything was broken. There wasn’t.

So I stood up, much to the bewilderment of the gathering spectators who saw me crash and the two friends who were with me.

I brushed the dirt and grass on my shirt and inspected the wounds I incurred. My friend laughed at me nervously, thanking I didn’t break any of my bones which they expected I would.

This is my 4th life – my second was after I fell off while climbing a cliff in Balamaban, Cebu and my 3rd was when I almost drowned in Kawasan, Cebu.

Well if you count my other accidents when I was a kid, this is my 7th life. I had dengue fever when I was probably in kindergarten; my mom told me I almost died. I got run over by a tricycle as I crossed a street when I was probably in 1st Grade; I miraculously survived. I remember my wounds on my left shin and on my face that took months to heal. And lastly got my wrist cut by a shard of glass of a tricycle’s shattered window. We were riding that tricycle and it tumbled over as it got hit by a speeding vehicle. The blood spouting from my wrist like a fountain was the last memory I had before I passed out.

For some reason or another, I survived these accidents. It as as if my body bounces back every time it falls down. As what a close friend told me, antibay mo talaga.

But I have a deeper conviction that I still have a lot of things to accomplish in this world. That I could help others be better people, be better humans.

I think that’s what makes me a survivor.

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  1. dong ho says:

    buti na lang laging nakaheadgear. 7th life na diay ni.

  2. Christina says:

    Duuuuude. Living life on the edge, eh? Thank God for helmets. Glaaaad you’re okay. Just some scratches here and there. At least you spared the bones. Less pain. Cheers to you and your 7th life. Duha nalang kuwang but you’re not a cat so you probably have more. Haha. Dwiiiiiiiiiiiin!! Please take care and die old XD

    P.S. Flash me those wounds when we meet

  3. lakbay says:

    @dong: lagi… sus kung wa pa lagi ang helmet dong paeta.
    @tina: meow! hahahahahaha… see you soon tina probably at outpost! hahahaha… or sa june 12. :)

  4. Penfires says:

    Arghhh dwin!!!! kasakit ana! but at least kana ra! sayang disfigure ang beauty, di na ka ka trunks this summer nyehehehe =) ingat nalang!

  5. Lauren says:

    You are hard to kill!!!

  6. doi says:

    waaaa. kasakit ana dwin! mas grabe paman na imo kesa sa ako bike accident oi. i hope niinom kag anti-inflammatory na tambal. gikasuk-an ko ni joy yapching kay dapat daw imnan nako tambal. sakto raman sad sya kay nalessen ang pain sa ako injury. sunod, full gear na ha with pads and kanang di mo crack na helmet. pwede apilan neck brace? nyahaha

  7. Thank God for helmets jud! Take care always dwin…

  8. John says:

    Woah… Nothing like the need for speed! You know what they say – chicks dig scars :)

  9. kikit says:

    murag akoy gisakitan sa imong injured parts dwin. glad to know you’re alright. amping!

  10. ANG SAKIT MY GOLLY. Oh well. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Ibig sabihin nyan marami pa tayong pupuntahang mga lugar! Stay strong pareng Dwin :D

  11. zhequia says:

    You are one tough cookie! Buy a full head bike helmet and those knee and elbow guards for your next adventure. I wish you well. :)

  12. grabe kasakit ana dwin. maayo na lang kay buhi doy. Kund di pa tungod sa helmet, wa na. dili na jud matawag na 7th life. hinay2 lang bai. Adventure could still be the same but much better if we will not meet an accident. :-).

  13. emwing says:


    buotan man gud ka mao dugay ka kuhaon.

    ug sa tagalog pa, matagal mamatay. wahihi

  14. chin says:

    I seriously hate to see a blood. Glad you are safe . Tsk tsk tsk ano yung brand ng head gear mo? Nakakakilabot.

  15. Drew says:

    Katakot ang mga sugat mo Dwin! I bet they hurt like hell also. Buti nagawa mo pang kuhaan ng picture hehe! I’m glad you’re safe :D

  16. lakbay says:

    @cille: maka trunks japon! kever sa uwat. hehehehe
    @?: :*
    @doi: wa ko ni inom og tambal. nag text hotline pod ko sa akong migo nga doctor. ingon sila dili kuno ta makat-on og bike kung dili ma crash. lolz.
    @xyza: thanks!
    @john: battle scars! hahahahaha
    @kikit: sakit jud xa ahak, amping pod!
    @micamyx!: parang kumanta ka yata? ingat ka rin!
    @emzh: i’m not a cookie hahahaha… di japon ko mag pads uy.
    @bonz: mao jud. pa safe man ko, pero na tental lang jud sa need for speed. lolz.
    @lems: masamang damo? aanhin pa ang kabayo kung wala namang tinapay na mainit? hahahaha
    @chino: thanks! di ko alam yung brand. :)
    @drew: parang nasusunog everyday! di rin ako uminom ng pain reliever para feel na feel ang holy week talaga. lolz.

  17. wandershugah says:

    Glad you’re are okay :( be safe lakbaydiva!!!

  18. lakbay says:

    @wandershugah: thanks! you too!

  19. deequixotic says:

    okay lang ba magjoke? after two more survivals then 9th life mo na…parang sa pusa lang… :D

  20. Diva says:

    wahahaha! hindi ako magpapa 9th life, good na ako sa 7 lives ko hahahaha…

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