Against All Odds for the Perfect Beach – Nacpan, El Nido

I muttered under my breath, “Just a few more of these muddy sections, Manong told me there are only five more left.”

Assuring myself that I would be fine, despite the deriding laughter of the Manong driver I met on the way as he recounted that somebody flipped into those muddy tracks, I plowed on to an imminent mishap.

the road NOT to Nacpan beach

Early on the trip, I was happily cruising on winding pavement, undeterred by the stormy rains pelting against me. I was wearing a jacket, but I still felt the sting of the incessant rain.

The convenience of the paved road was short-lived; I reached its end and came to a rough road dotted with potholes and muddy parts. I negotiated my way easily, but the difficulty of the terrain worsened. Worse, to worst. Potholes, to bogs and quagmires.

There were many times that my motorbike got stuck. The worst times were when over half of its wheels get buried in the mud. The unluckiest part was, I wasn’t supposed to experience the most difficult and deepest muddy tracks in my life – it was not the road to Nacpan beach anymore. I was at New Ibajay, several kilometers into inland Northern Palawan. I went past the crossing where I should have taken a turn.

map of El Nido to Nacpan beach

I turned around after somebody told me I’m way off course. I spotted the right turn on the way back which was labeled DETOUR. No wonder I missed it, it wasn’t labeled Nacpan after all.

I got around the muddy tracks with a relative ease this time as I learned that as long as I have control of the motorbike and have sufficient speed but not too much, I won’t get stuck in the mud and I won’t slide and tumble.

Which I still learned later on that that technique won’t work in unknown depths of potholes+muddy tracks. Which cost me P265.00 more, as a replacement of the broken mirror after I did crash.

the broken mirror after I crashed; though it was soft mud, there were stones that broke it

I crashed my bike, pure and simple. I went down a slippery incline, and saw one of the many rice-paddy like portions of the road. This was after a few minutes I met the habal-habal driver, and after what he told me, I was pretty sure I would have the same fate as the other guy who went before me. I decided to go head-on – go down the slope, go through the muddy track, and come what may.

May didn’t come, but crash did.

I wanted to take a picture of me swimming in the mud pool, but that wouldn’t be Diva-ish. :P

my crash site – good thing only that calf witnessed my accident

I continued onwards, and realized that the habal-habal driver was lying. Perhaps not intentionally. There were more than five rice-paddy like portions ten times in length than my crash site! I lost count after eight, so it must have been around seven.

I reached the beach past one in the afternoon. It was over three hours of biking rough roads, rain battering, hunger, and thirst. But the place was just indescribable. The stress was wiped out the second I saw Nacpan beach.

el nido nacpan beachthe beautiful, tranquil Nacpan beach of El Nido, Palawan

I almost cried after seeing it, after all the tribulations I’ve undergone, I felt I was rewarded more than I bargained for.

I only stayed there a little over an hour as I know it might take me another three hours to get back to the town proper of El Nido. I wish I could have stayed longer and played with the waves, but seeing its beauty made me contented and happy already.

I just laid myself on the sand as water rushed all over me

it was a stormy day, but even the angry weather couldn’t stifle the beauty of this hard-earned jewel

Oh well. I did get back to the place I rented, soaked and all. When I took off my jacket, I remembered I was wearing a very apt shirt.

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  1. divang diva!!! :D diva beach for a diva blogger! ang ganda naman dito.. super yellowish ba tlga ung sand? interesting!

  2. You broke the mirror pa of Kuya Rodrigo hehe!!! Buwis buhay!! HAHA but it’s all worth it!! We could have stayed there for like 3 hours just to relax but we’re worried about the weather.

  3. lakbay says:

    @wandershugah: yeah, sort of yellowish xa :D
    @ada: HA! yeah, the weather was uncooperative. umuwi na rin ako ng maaga kasi mahirap na. :D

  4. Buwis-buhay adventure ftw! Hindi ko napuntahan ito dahil tinamad na ako dahil sa weather. Balik tayo!

  5. Diva says:

    hehehehe buwis buhay talaga itech. cge ba!!!!!

  6. Aww…I remember kung gaanu kahirap yung daan papunta dito. And to think ok yung weather nun. Pero worth it talaga pag nakarating ka na. :) Natuwa naman ako sa shirt mo. May reminder. :)

  7. ganda na panoramic view dwin kahit medyo brown ang water. naiiba ang effect.

  8. Diva says:

    @gabz: lol. nung pag-uwi ko na narealize yun pala ang shirt ko.
    @engr: o, akong gi edit ang pic wehehehehe…

  9. grabe talaga daan dyan! nawasak tsinelas ko jan sa paglakad. anyways, did you climb the hill on the left side of the beach? at saan pala nakakabili ng tshirt na ganyan hehe

  10. Diva says:

    di na ako nakapag ikot dun kasi sobrang gutom at malakas ang ulan. naghanap pa ako ng makainan, nakiusap sa isang bahay dun hehehehe… binigay yang tshirt na yan ng auntie ko na konserbatib. ewan ko san yan napulot nya hahahaha…

  11. Anny says:

    hahaha ang saya dito, buti dala ni Lakad Pilipinas yung aqua shoes nya. kahit asa putikan naka aqua shoes. worth it ang beach, ganda :D panalo pala shirt mo, sakto. hehe.

  12. Diva says:

    hahahaha! tamang tama yung aqua shoes nya sa putikan hehehehe… FTW talaga yung shirt ko, as in. didn’t realize it until i got back to the inn :P

  13. kura says:

    hahah! dinaig mo pa siguro ang kalabaw sa dami ng putik. ang classic ng shirt ah. Sakto! Sana pala nag tricycle ka na lang. Pag tuyo naman grabe ang dust. Parang eksena lang sa Shaider ang peg pag may dumadaan na jip. After ng usok, lalabas yung mga babaeng ?shigishigi wakashigi? sa daan. lol!

    When I went there January of this year, kinupkop ako nung locals kaya sobrang swerte ko. Nakita ko ang sunset at sunrise. Na-experience ko rin kung anong klaseng buhay nila dun at kung gano kababait ang mga tao. Sarap balikan

  14. Diva says:

    di kaya pag tricycle :D ma alikabok pala pag hot season? hehehehe… ang swerte mo naman!

  15. chyrel says:

    unsa ka na account? panlibre ug milk tea kung magkita ta sunod ha. hahaha!

    ka nindot ani diri na beach oi. sige naman gud ug trabaho si bal oi. samoka! hahahaha! kuyoga ko sunod beh! XD

  16. Diva says:

    microsoft ko sauna. resign na ko last year :P. climb opeak karung nov 10-11! joiners pod ko’s istorya peeps :)

  17. chymera00 says:

    Grabe naman buwis buhay moment mo. Funny story :D

  18. Paula says:

    Have you seen these beaches when the sun is high!?? It is AWESOME!

  19. Diva says:

    unfortunately, wasn’t the case for me. i’ll be back there during summer. :D inggit much me sa adventures nyo!

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