Adventure in Danao – Ecotourism At Its Best!

amazing eco-tourism of Danao, Bohol! (click pic to biggify)

Danao Bohol’s Adventure Park is a great place for adventure-seekers. There are lots of activities that surely  would give you the adrenaline rush – ranging from getting wet and wild, to shrieking and shouting like a child!

Some of the activities are scheduled to accommodate guests in different intervals. When we went there, There was a scheduled 1 PM spelunking activity.


Thus we tried spelunking!

start-off point

I felt the excitement, enthusiasm, and pride of our guides Prose and Jimmy. They told us that there is an adventure ahead of us: we’ll be wet, submerge underwater, climb over big rocks, and much more. They wanted us to see for ourselves than tell us when I wanted them to elaborate more.

eat danao bohol spelunkingKa Mira Cave (click image to biggify)

The beginning of this adventure is just a small hole on a wall. You’ll have to climb the wall and grasp the roots, then carefully descend by clinging on to a rope.

After going down from the entrance, a few steps ahead would be your literal baptismal of the place: you’ll have to submerge, take a step or two before you can go out of the water. The water is cool, you might be tempted to stay a moment longer, like what I did.

There were several interesting formation you would see. AND lots of water everywhere. You swim, wade, or crawl on your fours. It drips off from stalactites too, and some were like fountain so we drank off of it. A blessing, we didn’t bring bottled water.

The cave has no other passage-way; the entrance is also the exit. Despite this disadvantage, this was used as shelter of the guerrillas during the Japanese occupation. Way back in history, this was used by Dagohoy and his men in the struggle against Spain. Now it is named as Ka Mira cave as the last people who used this for insurgent activities was led by Ka Mira of the New People’s Army.

It usually takes about two hours for this activity, but as we were in a hurry we did it a little over an hour. It’s the picture taking that would eat your time, and we minimized it. :)


Afterwards, we headed out and ascended the little hill where the other activities were.


Cable Car Ride

We wanted to chill first as the spelunking was a bit strenuous, so we decided to chill in the cable car ride!

just chillin’ (click on pic to biggify)

 Suspended 200 meters above the gorge is really scary. As the cable car makes its way across and back for about 15 minutes, I couldn’t help but feel my gonads in my neck. Being inside the cable car with metal railings and 4 cable wires couldn’t assure yourself so much that you would want it to end very soon. But if you like the thrill, you might just like it.



are you sure???

How about spending 50 seconds of your life closest to flying? Sliding across the canyon at a fast speed can trick you to think you are actually flying.

You’ll feel the strong wind as you accelerate over the gorge; sometimes there are wind gusts too! But you don’t have to worry. :) Just enjoy the scenery as you leave the cliff. Look at the trees and the rivers below, look at those crazy guys jumping off the plunge, and just marvel at the great creation that’s just right before your eyes. So don’t close them eyes in fear, you’ll be missing a lot.

Going across, I was with my travel buddy Lauren of epicpotato as they said it’s faster if you go by two’s. Going back though we went one by one.



somewhere in the middle of the cliff

The descent was so cool, I took my pace. On the face of the cliff, there were some interesting crevices. I stopped by and tried to stay there for a while, but then remembered I had a bus to catch. So I went down hurriedly and let go of the controlling rope.

The ascent was slow, about 3 minutes, but it scared the hell out of me. You’ll be hitched to a pulling machine and all you have to do is make sure you don’t bump into rocks. I was so scared because the winch sometimes makes out of sync sounds. I asked the operator later on and he assured me it’s nothing. Its maximum capacity is 3 tons, so there’s nothing to worry about.

The Plunge

are you sure you really want to do a free fall here???

Nothing could prepare you for this. Not even a near-death experience.

Walking down the metal jump-off point sent shivers down my spine. It’s like walking almost to the certainty of death. But you have to do it. You have to try it. You’ve come all the way from wherever you are, and now is not the time to chicken out.

free fall of about 70 meters

Gathering your courage, bolstered by your partner’s mixed fear and excitement, you can walk on the platform but your knees would start to shake. Then, they hook you up with the ropes, lower you down to about a meter, and counts down from three to one.

And you suddenly fall, like the feeling of falling off from your bed but a thousand times longer. The wind rushes to your face and you can’t help it but shriek in fear.

Down, down, down, you go cursing and wishing it to stop. Then it hits its apex then it swings you like a pendulum.

It’s really fun, if you are a daredevil. :)

It would be a fitting climax for any of the activities you have had previously.

So what are you waiting for? Summer is almost here, plan your adventure vacation in E.A.T. (Eco-Adventure Tour) Danao! Head out to their website: for more details about prices, packages, and contact information.

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  1. doi says:

    i wonder kanus-a ko maka bumpy jump and ride cable cars while magkurog sa kahadlok! hahaha. nice one dwin! ayiiiiiiii!

  2. Renz Bulseco says:

    Can’t wait for The Plunge!

  3. Atticus says:

    ang saya! pupuntahan ko iyan

  4. lauren says:

    I really had fun here! :D

    And was happy to know the only curse word i could muster was:

    “I want my Mommy”

    Yup, even in a freefall i play the goody-two-shoes :P

  5. riki says:

    i miss Bohol much, thanks for the post.. it drives me to visit bohol again SOON..

  6. dong ho says:

    sulit na sulit ang bonding niyo ni Lauren. itong EAT Danao nga ang halos kumpleto sa adventure. first time ko makita yung rappelling diyan.

  7. lakbay says:

    @doi: thanks!
    @renz: nus-a mo adto? nindota ibalik uy hehehehe, maka adik ang feeling.
    @atticus: send my regards to the gorge hehehe…
    @lauren: me too! <3
    @riki: now na! :D
    @dong: honga, bonding kami hahahaha…

  8. KAINGGIT! Ultimate bonding adventure with THE Epic Potato. Simply awesome.

  9. How I wish I can visit E.A.T danao! I missed this during my bohol trip last summer of 2011 :( look so fun!!!

  10. Jesus says:

    Oks yung free fall. Hehehe!

  11. Earl says:

    Bai, mao ni gitawag nga KUYAW pero LINGAW.hehehe…

  12. lakbay says:

    @gaye: bonding talaga kami ni epic potato! hahaha…
    @pink enigma: it is really fun! balik ka na!
    @jesus: honga!
    @earl: mao jud.. :)

  13. Penfires says:

    Waaaahhhh inggit mode*

    I don’t think I’d ever have the courage to take on The Plunge heheh I’ll just *experience it through adventures like yours dwin heheh

  14. The Plunge! Yan lang ang babalikan ko sa Bohol! :)

  15. lakbay says:

    @cille: the experience is worth it jud! i was very reluctant at first but try to be brave! :P
    @thefrugalwanderer: go go go!

  16. Trip@dora says:

    weee. Am so excited for my birthday. Kahit 5 months away pa, research-happy. lol.

    How long did this take you? one whole day?

  17. lakbay says:

    we went to the terminal about 9 in the morning. the bus left around 10, no choice as there’s only a few of them heading for danao. we reached sagbayan’s market around noon and for some reason the bus didn’t proceed to danao. we took a habal-habal from sagbayan to danao, and dumating kami dun mga almost one. we only had 3 hours left kasi we need to make habol the last trip. so bale 3 hours lang yan lahat lahat hahahaha…

  18. Naku, next2 month na ang trip ko dito! Do you have any idea kung ano first trip ng bus papunta danao? How much po yung habal2x fare kung mag-isa ka lang? So around 5 PM na kayo naka-alis ng Danao? Thanks so much! :)

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