Adventure Cycling in Bohol

Bohol is blessed with impressive scenery. Rolling hills and mountain ranges bordering the plains, clean and green rivers that snake from inland out to the seas, amazing shorelines and powdery white beaches, picturesque sunsets in the horizon – what more could you ask for?

Roads are paved so there’s no problem adventure cycling in Bohol, or at least within 50 kilometers radius of Tagbilaran city.

These are the routes I usually take when I go road biking:

Tagbilaran – Panglao

I always look forward to coming home to Bohol because of Panglao. It takes me about an hour to reach a beach from Tagbilaran. The beach, which is my reward, is more than anybody could ask for.

After about 20 kilometers of biking, I would reach either Alona beach through the Panglao circumferential road, or the deserted Doljo beach going through the central route. I prefer the Doljo destination – it’s where you could be totally alone and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand.

at Doljo, Panglao

After a few moments of resting and drinking water, I would then dip into the cold waters. I could just leave my bike on the sand without fear of getting stolen. There are only a few houses and they’re a bit far from my usual stop and the area is deserted. Besides, I could see anybody approaching it even if I’m far from the shore.

Tagbilaran to Doljo Panglao, and back is around 40 kilometers, about a little over an hour one way.

the Dauis bridge that connects Panglao island to the mainland

 Tagbilaran – Baclayon or Maribojoc

One of the more relaxing rides, there’s not much uphill or downhill so it’s not that challenging. Baclayon is just eight kilometers away and could be reached in less than twenty minutes.

Bacong bridge

Tagbilaran to Maribojoc is about 14 kilometers and it usually takes me over half an hour to reach there. I almost always stop at Bacong bridge, just before the Abatan restaurant. I love the picturesque bridge and river there.

river below the Bacong bridge

 Bilar – Alburquerque

My favorite route so far – going through the tinae sa manok – a twisting and turning road starting from the Bilar man-made forest. Downhill. Speed junkies would love this as you get to approach corners and even blind corners at high speeds. I almost crashed into a motorcycle as I went probably over 20 kilometers an hour on a turn – it was a bit sharp so I was forced to cut to the wrong lane. Fortunately, the motorcycle coming from the opposite direction was fast and was cutting to the wrong lane too. For a moment it looked like it was a right-hand lane road.

Bilar in a blur…

The speeding down from Bilar to Loboc was quite long. I think it was over 10 kilometers of pure adrenaline and wind rush.

I would never speed on a curve or corner again, not after I met an accident going downhill over 50 kilometers an hour on a curve. Read that story >here<.

still far ahead…

Tagbilaran – Loboc

This was my first long adventure cycling in Bohol. From Tagbilaran to Sikatuna, I had difficulty as there were many uphills to climb and a few downhills. I finally had a break when we were approaching Loboc; there was a long stretch of downhill, probably about five kilometers.

on the way to Loboc

When we reached Loboc,  we went to the unfinished bridge and commented why it’s unfinished. It was said that there were some buried treasures worth more than the money wasted on the bridge, and more than enough to pay being called stupid. Oh well, those are just urban legends, there’s no way to verify such claims.

at loboc river, bohol via bike

at the Loboc bridge

 Tagbilaran – Garcia-Hernandez

So far, the longest trip I’ve ever done on my bike for a day. Garcia Hernandez is about 50 kilometers from Tagbilaran and it took me over four hours to bike it! Started out six in the morning and arrived there past ten o’clock.

still a long way to go…

After stopping at Garcia-Hernandez’ town hall, I proceeded to Maambong Spring & Resort, a few kilometers from the center. The water came from a natural cold spring. Even though it was scorching hot under the midday sun, when I dipped into the pool, I still shivered!

Maambong spring swimming pool

I pedaled back home around three in the afternoon, but it was still hot. The going back part is sometimes the most tiring and arduous. The second 50 kilometers were not as exciting as the first.


I love the scenery whatever route I take in my adventure cycling in Bohol. The place is still unadulterated with pollution, cars, and the so-called “progress”, which here in the Philippines, almost equals to “maldevelopment”.

a rewarding view at Dauis bridge after cycling Panglao

dry, low tide

letting go! no hands!

WORD OF CAUTION: Always wear a helmet even when you’re just going for a short ride! It saved me from possible and I have to say, I am a survivor!


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  1. Kikit says:

    When foreigners ask me what island they should visit in the Philippines, I usually reply, “Bohol”. It has nice beaches, old churches, a wonderful reader and Chocolate hills, and you can experience all of these in just a couple of days.

    And now, I can include it’s a great destination for cyclists.

  2. Elal Lasola says:

    Haaay. Ang isa sa mga regrets ko ay nong di ako nakapag explore sa kalapit isla ng Negros when I was back there. Been wanting to visit Panglao!

  3. Kikato Mikuarikashi says:


  4. unsay what yan? hehehehe

  5. lakbay says:

    @kit: yeba!
    @elal: visit na samtang wa pa natapos ang kalibotan sa dec 2012 hahahaha

  6. Kim says:

    Bohol indeed offers wonderful scenery. This is quite a long ride ha… I love your shots on-the-go! I’ve always wanted to master the ‘no hands’ thing (last image).

  7. Diva says:

    @kim: thanks! it took me a few months before i finally learned how to let go. :) chos!

  8. marlon ibardaloza says:

    sound like fun joining your group. .:-)

  9. Diva says:

    er. i don’t have a group hehehe… usually i bike alone :)

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