Advanced White Water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro

welcome to cdo

It was a not so eventful day for the rest of the world, as it was still dark when we boarded the plane from Cebu to Cagayan de Oro. But for us, it was a beginning of an exciting and adrenaline-pumping escapade.

When we arrived there, we waited in the airport terminal gate for our bus to pick us up en route to the starting point.

It was somewhat cloudy but you could see some rays of the sun seeping through the clouds.

We had some briefing first, what we need to know in case something happens. But most importantly, Dodoy our rafting guide said, Enjoy white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro rapids!


After half the duration of the trip, it started raining. And then it poured really hard as if there was a storm going on. I was literally shaking because it was so cold and I was afraid too. But my friends (who were ironically all girls) were having fun. I don’t know if they’ve realized what a dangerous situation it was – visibility was zero, lightning was striking everywhere, branches and leaves were flying about.

the rapids of Cagayan de Oro white water rafting

The rain stopped after 30 minutes of downpour then it calmed so we went on our way to finish the course.
kapepointing at the kape-like color of the just-made waterfalls

waterraftingand here comes the cast!

It was a cool experience all in all, never mind the “storm in the middle of the raging sea” experience.

You can contact Pope from Kagay at this number: +63-927-889-1411. He’s a good man… and ask for a discount! I can’t guarantee that though. Hehehehe…

Photos courtesy of Chari Tan and Kagay


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  1. kate says:

    I would love to try this sometime but I am a bit terrified because I don’t know how to swim! haha :)

  2. RiA says:

    Wow! looks great and fun! I’d like to try it also :)

  3. David Tamayo says:

    Hello and Happy New Year. Thanks again for the visit. It will definitely be an interesting election. After a few more comments come in for my post about “Who would you vote for?” I will post my opinion next. I hope that we can still be friends. With all due respect to Conrado De Quiros I have always wanted a few more solid facts rather than poignant opinion when making such an important decision.
    I agree by the way with Kate. I have always wanted to go white water rafting but never wanted to do it upside down in the water dodging big rocks. ;o) Maybe someday when I improve my swimming skills.
    Ingat Lagi. ;o)

  4. fetus says:

    hahaha… :) sure sure…

  5. doi says:

    waaa!!!! suya kow!

  6. Sam says:

    Wow ganda naman. hope i can try it but i’m also scared:). we’ll be going to CDO this summer but it’s for a spiritual retreat. BTW, thanks for always visiting me.

  7. Oh wow that looks awesome, although I think I will have to stick with a “3” trip, “4” looks a little too scary for me. I will do it someday with or without my dear hubby.

    Thanks for sharing the really cool pics.


  8. Wooh! going for rafting while experiencing crazy weather??? , . .
    that’s double the adventure!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d love to experience that also especially if it’s CDO’s whitewater river rafting.. really is d best!!!!!!!

  9. it’s quite interesting and amazing to do whitewater rafting while storm is going on. how fun it is to experience the cdo river at its wildest! looking forward to try the escapade that keeps my blood going! you really had an awesome adventure…

  10. lhan says:

    sarap naman nyan! sana matry ko din yan!

  11. Marites says:

    I’ve done water rafting in CDO years ago, it was fun, scary and exhilirating. Glad you enjoyed it too:) Mas scary ata ang sa inyo coz there was a storm raging on while you were doing it. happy weekend!

  12. yanilea says:

    Your white water rafting experience makes me drool. Huhu I want to experience it also.

  13. wow! pretty scared to seeing you doing whitewater rafting while storm is going on…i just thought of doing it also…it’s fun,isn’t it?cagayandeorowhitewaterrafting

  14. shyne says:

    adventurous women who find time to experience whitewater rafting……

    I’m wishing to experience it by now but since I am graduating then parents don’t allow me…….. kin a prostrating but parents consider my safety even though management provide safety………

    But I’m looking forward to experience the excitement fun and adventure after the graduation day with my friends


  15. Not a bad way of getting away from the fuzz in city life, an exciting combination of roaring rapids and breath taking scenery.

  16. Exciting talaga ang rafting! I wanna try this too in CDO! :)

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